Saturday, February 23, 2008

Quilting Marathon

I've decided to take the advice of my blogger friends and put aside some of the quilts I've been designing and focus on some unfinished projects that I need to get back to. I think a finish or two will help get me back to my normal have fun frame of mind. This is a fence rail quilt that has been unfinished for a terribly long time. It was my second quilt (pretty ambitious for someone who knew nothing!) that was started probably some time in the 90's. It was a time when I had little kids, and was probably close to the busiest time of my life. It is about 2/3 of the way done with the hand quilting. It's been sitting on a frame for many years gathering dust. The close-up shows the fabric much better. It's very large...I think I planned it for our queen size bed (which we no longer have!) I also finally found some backing fabric for my Hop, Skip, and a Jump quilt so I can piece that quilt back and get started on hand quilting that as well. Finishing these will be I'm off to quilt for the weekend. Hope yours is filled with time for sewing!

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