Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sew Mama Sew Quilting Month - Disappearing Nine Patch

What a fun way to spend a Saturday...learning something new...playing with fabric...Yippee! The first block in Sew Mama Sew's celebration of February as Quilting Month is the nine patch and its variations. I chose the Disappearing Nine Patch. It looked like something I could handle and a block with lots of possibilities. I pulled out these fat quarters that I got at a 99 cent after Christmas sale and a couple of solids.
I used the tutorial on Helen's blog. Thanks Helen! Cut lots of 4 inch squares for the 9 patch blocks. I found after sewing the first block that it wasn't the 11 inch square that it should have been, so I spent some time playing with getting that perfect scant quarter inch seam. I think I may have been successful. The rest of the blocks were just about perfect. I'm learning!
I've finished 6 of them so far. I have more fabric....maybe enough for another 6 blocks. I'm going to make a few more later tonight...practice makes perfect. Maybe I'll have this technique down by the time I finish. It's interesting how the fabrics play together in these blocks. Maybe this could be a baby quilt.


Jen said...

Oh my God. I'm such an underachiever! I only did one and I could have used the practice.

Yours is coming out really nice. I love the fabrics. I like how the solids go from rectangles to squares in your different blocks. Keeps it interesting.

Laurie said...

WOW...these are VERY cool! I am excited to try this one!

Joyce said...

Very nice. You can also use stripes of color sewn together and then cut to save time. I'm sure there is a tutorial about this method somewhere online. It goes a lot faster than cutting all those squares.

ROZ said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. That last pattern is one I made a long time ago--Patience Corners. I didn't know that Feb. is Quilt Month! Well, every month is quilt month by me.

Patricia Coll Rubio said...

Beautiful colours! Very nice!

Mama Koch said...

okay....we have sons, live in the midwest and have labs, AND love to quilt....what else in life is there?!!!

Your 9-patches look great. That's definitely something I want to make. It would be a stashbuster too

Amy said...

I have made this block, it is fun...I love a twist on things! I like that fabric too :)