Monday, March 24, 2008

I Just Love to Look At It

Isn't it fun when you just love a quilt. It turns is what you were imagining in your head or even better than you learned something new making it. That's how I feel about this quilt. I hand sewed the hanging sleeve with matching fabric. Wanda at Exuberant Color shared a great idea about incorporating the sleeve into the binding. Reduces the amount of hand stitching. A great idea! I'll definitely do that next time. Thanks Wanda! Time to hang it and love it each time I walk up the stairs. I took more pictures just because I love to look at it. Thought you might want to see them too.

Thanks to everyone that let me know about color catcher sheets. I'm definitely going to use them from now on. Isn't the blog world just great. I appreciate all of you!!!

Jon is 17and GLOWING!!!!!


QuiltedSimple said...

How beautiful - your quilting is excellent.

Darcie said...

Happy day, Jon!

qusic said...

congrats to the 17th!
Think I have to do a white sashed quilt too , looks very crisp and neat!
A nice week to you too:)

Rebekah said...

This quilt is so pretty! Your diamond quilting is it!

Dana said...

Crazy beautiful quilt. And amazing photo of your new 17 year old. Happy Birthday!