Thursday, March 6, 2008

A New Name Perhaps?

My almost 17 year old took a peek at the new quilt... I commented how I thought the centers looked like stained glass windows. He said in all seriousness, "I don't think so, mom, more like Brooks Brother's shorts." (For those of you without a Brook's Brothers experience, just picture pink and green madras get the idea.) I love having teenagers to keep my feet on the ground!


Amy said...

Wow! I love this and I do see windows, really great :)

Becky said...

I love that quilt top!!! Thanks for the Brook Brother's description, that helped explain, and I would have to agree that. Very cool idea. (Can you tell I really like it???) Have a great day!!!

Sara said...

I have to agree, I see the stained glass windows too! I love it. Very beautiful. Your husband is like mine in he only wears blue, white and ecru. I can sometimes get him in green. Very lovely. I may have to "borrow" that idea if its okay with you!