Saturday, August 20, 2016

Weekend Abstractions - Week 2

Here is my abstraction for this weekend.  Last week I used triangles to create the shapes that interested me.  Today it's half circles.  It's interesting how changing the positions of the circles or adding different shapes in different positions affects the design.  I think there is potential here.  I'm looking forward to more exploration with this one.  Sometimes I see a quilt top and sometimes I see blocks that could come together in interesting ways.

I liked last week's design so much, I decided to make a quilt top out of it.  I don't know if all of these will become tops, but it's good to have options.  My favorite part of this design is that tension in the connections between the black spaces.  I also find it interesting that so many of you didn't even see the white triangles the first time you looked at the design.  

Now I have to figure out how to quilt it....a continuing dilemma in my world.


MariQuilts said...

I guess so many designs just come down to simple shapes once you look closely. This looks great. What program are you using to design in Jacquie?

I usually just start might be wise to acutally have a sketch or two.

Diane said...

So happy to see you're blogging again! I love last week's triangles!

Anne Beier said...

I love this set of 4 abstractions. The last one is my favorite. For whatever reason, it is making me think more about things in nature. Thanks for sharing. I'm enjoying this.

Nicole said...

It's lovely to read your blog again - I hope you keep writing.

As for this post though I can't tell if you are trolling us or not. This week's abstraction looks like a Leanne Chahley (shecanquilt) quilt. She has done many quilts with this circle/negative space idea. I won't give the links as you say not to but the quilts are really easy to find.

The triangle quilt you made looks lovely, but it looks like a Lindsay Stead quilt. ( I would go for straight lines btw.)

If you're not trolling us then these are perfect examples of the difficulties surrounding derivatives.

I love the MQG and it has been a tremendous help and influence in my life. I am an enthusiastic supporter of the guild and I hope this controversy can be settled and achieve what it set out to do: educate the members.

SonJa said...

I'm sure whatever "design" you use to quilt it, it will be comprised of straight lines from one point to the next.