Sunday, February 27, 2022

I haven't blogged in two years, and I'm not sure why I'm writing today.  I have no idea if anyone is reading any longer, but I guess it doesn't matter. I felt the urge to write.  Writing is a way of coping, a way to unburden an overly crowded mind.

Reflecting on these last two years I've come to realize that I had (and have) so many thoughts and ideas filling my head and while some of those have become actual pieces, it's been a struggle because of the confusion, anger, and overwhelming situation that I haven't been able to cope with. 

Art has always been a refuge and I felt like it abandoned me during these two years.  These are the pieces that I've finished in 2022. Some of them were started  during those two years and a few are new pieces. 

I need to make to make sense of the world even when it makes no sense.

hold on


weight of the world

clash of ideology