Sunday, March 8, 2020

Happy International Women's Day

I've been thinking about this event all day and wondering about myself and the power I hold as a woman to affect the lives and careers of other women.  I have worked in women-dominated professions my entire life and sometimes I wonder if we, as women, understand the power we wield and the ramifications of supporting and encouraging other women. And on the flip side are we aware of the destructive, soul killing consequences of undermining another woman? 

A wickedly smart friend of mine created a little signal that we could give each other when we were subconsciously or even consciously undermining another woman.  It was supposed to be a "heads up," think about what you're saying signal. We've all done it.  We talk behind someone's back. We make negative assumptions of how and why another woman achieved notoriety or success. We say or do things to bring other women down. Does it arise from jealousy?  Are we trying to equalize power with women we are competing with? Read about "Dead Even Power," it's enlightening. Or, even worse, are we wired to be that way?

I write this as a reminder to myself. I try to remember that lifting others, especially other women lifts me. In 2020 I will visualize that symbol before I speak and not after.  I can do better.