Friday, January 25, 2008

Cravings...Food and Fabric

Oooooh....cravings. Burger and fries with all the trimmings. Can't say that it wouldn't be delicious, but, the picture will just have to do. I'm on a new workout routine. And when I say new I really mean NEW.
A friend and I split the cost of four sessions with a personal trainer so that we could have a workout plan that would really make a difference. My hour long "workout" was for pansies...after what I did today. Same hour, but oooh what a difference. This woman really knows her stuff and how to make me WORK. Resisted the burger, but I didn't do so well on the fabric front. Just finished an online order. Found a sale of flea market fancy fabric and just couldn't resist. I've never made anything from Denyse Schmidt fabric and so I just can't wait for it to arrive. Not many posts this week since I've been working on only one thing...hand quilting the Big Day wedding quilt. My finger tips are tender, but getting tougher. I just have the borders left to quilt and then on to the binding. I really want to get this finished so that I can satisfy my other get on to other projects. I spent a few hours (more than I meant to) looking a photos of quilts on flickr. So many beautiful pieces that folks have made. I put a bunch of fabric sets on the design wall today (during a quilting break) and I'm itching to do some cutting. Just have to wait until next week. I'm heading to Chicago tomorrow to see Wicked. Have a great weekend.

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