Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Spotted Klutz

No, it's not a new animal species, but I would probably make an interesting exhibit at the zoo today. Picture walking up to the exhibit and there before you is a middle aged woman perched precariously on one of these.
You look more closely. Interesting you say...(you are very kind). You notice the puffy eyes and swollen hands. Upon closer inspection you observe...what are those..yes, spots, definitely spots. Red spots. The children at your side giggle and point at the pink flannel coffee cup pajamas. You wonder silently...what happened to her?

It started this way. When I was cleaning out the car the other morning, my precious Carolina Tarheel spare tire cover was wedged in by the bent rear door. In my zeal to bring it home with me I tugged a bit too hard and went flying backwards right onto my backside onto rocks and a few well placed stumps. The garage attendant just stared lamely at me like I was some kind of a nut. I got up, embarrassed mostly, that is until later when I couldn't sit down or climb the stairs. The only comfortable position, well, that's where the swim ring comes in. That little baby takes the pressure off. Again, embarrassing, but it works. Oh no, it doesn't end there.

I woke up this morning, feeling a bit more limber. Thought I'd be feeling much better today, that is until I looked in the mirror. EEEEEEEEK! Who is that? My eyes were swollen and I had hives all over my face. I was itching I started looking...more hives...and more. Popped those benedryl as fast as I could. When I took my son to school I was still in my jammies and looking like a spotted owl. (It's hard to put on clothes in that condition.) So throughout the day I've been more or less spotted and itchy. Every once in awhile my throat likes to close up and make it hard to breathe.

I am sensitive to just about everything, so who knows what is causing this. I have been to doctors and had every allergy test in the book. My doctor calls me "chemically sensitive." I react to make-up, soap, perfume (even when it's on someone else) and just about any preservative or chemical some manufacturer thinks is a good thing to put in food. I never know when this is going to happen. It's never consistent or predictable. I've ended up in the hospital a couple of times. Usually, I just look so funny that it's just best to stay at home so as not to frighten young children.

The funny thing is when this happens I have the urge to clean. So, I washed just about everything in the house today. The sheets, the floors and on and on. I went over in my mind everything I ate, everything I touched. I have lots of theories. The most frustrating thing of all is not knowing. If I knew I could prevent it.

Needless to say I didn't get much sewing done. I'm not really good at sitting around. The drugs make me woosy and irritable at the same time. I just want to be back to my old self. Is that too much to ask? More drugs and to bed. Tomorrow is another day. It's got to be better.


Sara said...

Now I can completely sympathize with the Klutz (I would have fallen too!) but I feel so bad for you having the hives. I do hope you feel better soon!!

Sew Bee It said...

Ah, the Coccyx, not just a dirty sounding word anymore! I've not ever sprained the tailbone so bad i needed a poofy ring, but I sure do feel bad for you:)

Penny said...

Hmmm. You know, this is interesting to me because my husband recently broke out in a severe case of hives (he has never had them). Within a week, a neighborhood child came down with hives. Makes me wonder if this is some weird virus.

QuiltedSimple said...

I so feel for you - and hope you are starting to feel better!!! You would think with medical technology the way it is - they could find a reason for your hives, don't you?

Kim said...

Ooooh, what a day! Sounds like your sense of humor is still intact, not sure how when you are suffering in so many ways. Poor girl, you need to treat yourself to a sewing day as soon as you can sit for one! Thanks for coming over to Stillmeadow to visit. Will be fun to follow your postings. My life is rather tame in comparison, lol, but that's fine.
Kim :)

Lisa Boyer said...

Oh, I so sympathize! I am starting to react to so many kinds of foods--just out of the blue, for no reason! It's weird. I hesitate to socialize, because I always have to answer questions about why I'm not eating this or that...then I feel like some sort of pansy nut case! Take care and know you're not alone; I hope you can figure out a successful "list" to avoid one day...with no surprises!