Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm Always It!

"Oh! I've been tagged!"(Isn't this a cute shot of Jon...He loves to take pictures in the mirror.)

I’ve been tagged by Wendy at The Running Quilter and Jen of Sew and Sox fame. Before I bore you with things about me, you need to check out both of these ladies. Wendy’s blog is new for me but she seems to be quite a special woman. First of all, the woman is a runner…not a jogger, or a power walker, but a runner. My husband is a runner and I know of what I speak. They are fit, dedicated and a just a bit nuts when it comes to things like running shoes. Wendy, is that you too? This woman has run a marathon…think of that folks…a marathon. I have trouble driving 26 miles. And then on top of that she quilts. She’s tackling the Dear Baby Jane quilt. How does she find the time?
Jen is nothing if not an amazing woman. She could be “queen of the world” if she aspired to be. She is first and foremost a talented quilter. Check out her work on her Dear Baby Jane quilt. It’s wonderful! She can do anything she puts her mind to. She administers more flickr groups than I can count. You all should check them out. She’s a web designer so she’s a whiz (at least it seems to me) at techie things. She's got a fabulous eye and a quick wit and is the first to promote others and offer help and resources. When I started blogging I had no idea that I would connect with such talented, kind and generous women such as these.

Ok, I know there are rules to this tagging thing and I’m supposed to share things about myself. I have fussed with this for too long trying to think of a way not to bore you to death…7 things I can’t live without, 7 pet peeves, 7 favorite things…alas I’ll just write what comes to mind.

1. I love to write, so be prepared to read for awhile! I have kept a journal for as long as I can remember. It started as a diary, moved to a blank book and then onto the computer. My children used to ask me when something happened (good or bad), are you going to write about this? They knew the answer was always yes. My students at school had similar experiences. I would sit at the overhead and write, silently while they read what I wrote. I never raised my voice when I was upset, but I could write up a storm. I would write to them when I was displeased and when I was thrilled. Needless to say, both my sons are writers and my students were pretty good writers as well.
2. I am great with other people’s children. I have patience and skill and can handle just about anything that other people’s children throw at me. I can look parents in the eye who have that crazed, “I’m going to hurt this child” look and calmly and rationally deal with the situation. When it comes to my own, I’m a crazy woman. I love my children to death and I lose every bit of knowledge, skill and rational thought when I deal with them.

3. I live in an area of Kansas City, Kansas called Strawberry Hill. It is an old, historic, diverse neighborhood in the heart of the inner city. It was originally a Croatian stronghold and there are still many who live here. It is a neighborhood of old and young, white, African American, Hispanic, econonmically diverse, and filled with interesting shotgun houses and new construction. We are a community. We help and support each other. We have the best Italian restaurant in the city, Felitzas, just 3 blocks from my house. It is a local treasure. Many folks in the surrounding areas won't drive into my neighborhood. That is hard for me to understand. We love being part of the renewal of an older, many times looked down upon part of the city.
4. I love being a homemaker. I couldn’t have a maid or a gardener or for that matter hire a handyman. I love to make my house a home. We do everything ourselves…if there’s a book to tell us how, we’ll get it and learn to do it.
5. I appreciate all kinds of music, but my ipod is filled with mostly classical and Broadway show tunes. I love my mother for having me take piano lessons, sing in the choir and for taking me to concerts and ballets, musicals, and opera. She opened up the world of music and theatre to me and I appreciate her for that. This is Ben as the lead in Pippin and Jon playing his acoustic guitar. I have tried to develop the same appreciation in my own children.

6. I am a better cross country skier than downhill skier. I own my own cross country skis. Whenever we get enough snow, my husband and I are out skiing. We ski on the street, in parks, along the railroad tracks or if we are out on the farm, just about anywhere. I have a bit of a fear of heights, so while I do downhill ski (my sons are great at it and LOVE to do those black diamond runs) I prefer to glide gently on my cross country skis.
7. I am an organizer. I love everything in its place. Stores like Containers and More were designed for me. I have my spices in alphabetical order in my kitchen, my pantry is organized veggies here, fruit here, cereal here etc. etc. I straighten blinds and pillows. Don’t get the wrong idea…just because I like it that way doesn’t mean it is that way. I’m not the only one who lives here and I don’t love to spend time cleaning and organizing.

So, there you have it. If you made it through all this consider yourself tagged! So many of the blogs I read are no tag zones, so pick someone in my sidebar and go visit. Make a comment…make someone’s day by letting them know you cared enough to read their blog. Have a great day! Now, back to work and maybe some sewing later.


Dana said...

I love learning new (and sometime wacky) things about people. I lived in MO for many years. And in KCK for a brief time. I lived right near KU Med Center while I was in law school at UMKC. I still think about Jazz resturant and The Bronx pizza now and then. I never went to the italian place you mentioned but then I didn't explore downtown KCK much. I worked in KCMO and spent much of my time there before we bought a house in Lee's Summit. Ok. I ramble. Thanks for sharing.

Levin said...

lovely to find out some interesting facts about you. I'm not sure if I've left a comment yet, but i love the zig zag quilt that you are making. It's quite striking.
I also like the city scape one.

Jen said...

Whoa there! I'm not worthy!

Thank you so much for the kind description of someone who resembles me a little tiny bit maybe. But just between you and me, I'm not that nice in real life. ;-)

It was especially interesting to hear about where you live. Only knowing you were from Kansas, I just assumed you lived on a corn farm! But it sounds like you live in an area very much like my own neighborhood. A fantastic mix of people and great restaurants!

Hope you had fun with the tag.

Oh, and your zig zag quilt is nicer than any quilt I've ever completed.

Sara said...

I loved learning these things about you! Its so great to learn things about the people that you become "friends" with online. Great stuff!

Leanne said...

Just catching up on all the missed posts while I was away. Interesting facts I wish I liked to write, until I started blogging I would do anything to avoid writing I think it has something to do with being dyslexic.

Greg said...

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Amy said...

Wonderful to read these things about you! Music is a very important part of our lives too :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jacquie!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and leaving me such good quilting advice. I have watched the free motion video. It is helpful, but I'm still such a beginner. Oh well the only way to get better is to practice.

I read your tag info. Music is HUGE in our house. I sing. I have all of my life. My daughter trains with a vocal coach and is pretty amazing. My hubby has been a drummer since the age of four, and my son takes guitar lessons. Yep-music is kind of a big deal here too! YEAH!!!!

Amanda Jean said...

it's nice to read more about you.

Anonymous said...

How neat! I came by to learn more about you, and voila!
Sounds like you have a great home life and two very talented kids.
I love historic neighborhoods, and I dream of owning a Victorian some day.