Friday, February 13, 2009

Thank you to those of you who tried to help with my lame choices for Jon's graduation quilt. You had great ideas. I wanted to surprise the boy, but I broke down and showed him my ideas. He described my first set as pukey hospital colors. He liked the second set better, but didn't love them, so, I decided to let him take the lead. After all is said and done it's going to be his quilt. He looked over all the fabrics in my stash and chose Erin Michael's Lush. He had to choose the fabric I love the most (next to flea market fancy) and the fabric I had the hardest time getting my hands on, but he did, so I sucked it up and cut it. He also chose an aqua/blue linen for the background fabric.

He wants the quilt to be modern, minimal and masculine. A challenge to be sure. This quilt is going to be made collaboratively with my Common Threads Virtual Quilting Bee buddies. I'm not sure I could find better creative hands to put this quilt in than theirs. I haven't quite decided on the final structure of the quilt. I do know that the blocks the group is making will be large...15 inches finished. I know they're up to the's going to be fabulous!

Project Improv Update:
We now have 185 participants in the project. It's wonderful having all of you in the project and seeing all the wonderful blocks and improv pieces that are being created.

Here are the folks whose blocks have arrived this week:
Marie - 1 block
Maggie - 5 blocks (wowsers!!!)
Leslie - 1 block (those pushpins are so pretty! thanks for the fabric too!)
Doris - 1 block (thanks for the pillowcase pattern...i can actually follow this one!)
Erica E - 1 block
Katie P - 2 blocks (thanks for the fabric...i made it into binding for the orange/pink was perfect! thanks!)
Heather O - 2 blocks
Bison Girl (Erika) - 1 block
Alison S. - 1 block
Betty Ninja - 1 block
Mary P - 1 block

Thanks so much to each of you. Thanks for using great fabrics, thanks for caring about construction and doing quality work. The quilts are going to be fabulous because you put so much into your blocks!

This is Tia's quilt. Just one example of the stunning improv quilts that can be seen in the Project Improv flickr group. Photo used with Tia's permission. I'm giddy over this quilt as well as lots of others in the group.

If you have a minute, you might want to take a gander at these too. Amazing work, ladies!
Laura J's Sunshine quilt
Alissa's Flora and Fauna
Maggie's Cutie
Amber's Long and Lean
VickiVictoria's Scrap Quilt
Tia's Wall Hanging
Victoria's spring quilt
AmandaJeans pink doll quilt
Angie's one of three improv quilts
Lisa's Aloha! quilt
Bison Girl's six crosses quilt

These folks must be so proud to have finished pieces. Don't feel bad if you haven't started your block or started your project. There's lots of time. Blocks aren't due until April 1st. I'm with you...still thinking about mine.


Jackie said...

Hah, I love your son's description of the fabric. I think that is typical of kids, mine as well, to really tell you what they think. I do love what was selected and think it will be a great quilt. I can't wait to see the results.

Wow, Project Improv is going full force. I have my quilt in the back of my head right now. It will be worked on soon, I hope. Love Tia's

QuiltedSimple said...

Love the fabrics your son picked out! I think it will be great when finished. I'm thinking on my Project Improv blocks and quilt - we'll see what I can come up with here shortly.

Have a great day!

gardenymph said...

You'll feel so much better knowing that he picked what he likes. I was going to do something for my daughter, but when I started asking her about her color preferences, I realized that she was thinking differently than I was, so I am able to do something that I know she will absolutely love.

Thanks for highlighting some of the PI quilts. I enjoyed looking at them this morning and getting some inspiration.

I should have my blocks in the mail to you next week. :~)

Leslie said...

I'm glad you received the block and liked the pushpins! Thanks again for letting me take part.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Okay your son is so funny, love what he picked and cannot wait to see it, thanks for the up-date on the PI quilts.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your blog but I am having trouble reading your posts with the black background. Thank you.

Stephanie said...

Your son has very good taste, just like his mother!

I'm so glad you did project improv so you can have all of these talented ladies in one spot for us to follow.

Ashley said...

Love his choices - can't wait to see all those lovely blocks! Thanks for mentioning there's still time to get blocks in - I don't think I'll be able to get mine done before I leave, so you won't get it until the end of March... hope that's ok!

Barbie said...

Love the fabrics your son picked out. Erin Michael's LUSH is my favourite too, although I was too slow to get any of my own! It will be a beautiful quilt.

Love all of the PI quilts...I have one in my head too so hopefully I'll get to it soon. Is it too late to sign up? I'd be happy to make some blocks!

Marie' said...

Your son has great taste, and he is the luckiest boy ever!

Alissa said...

That is one amazing quilt he's going to get!! Lucky lucky boy headed off to college with the best quilt ever!

driftwood said...

your son's quilt is going to be great.
posted my project improv block to you today. just need to start thinking about my quilt now!

The Calico Cat said...

I love that polka dot fabric - who is the fabric designer? (I need to use my other paint by number before getting more - repeat several times.)

Victoria said...

You are such a good mama to use up your favorite fabrics. At least you know your son has good taste like is mom! Loved seeing all the PI quilts, they are so inspiring! Thanks for including mine!

Faith said...

its a good thing you asked your son to pick the colours himself as this will become a very special piece by all you lovely ladies.
I know kids can be very fussy about colours and what they want.
I cant wait to see what you come up with, with this quilt.

Beth said...

Oh, he has good taste!!

em's scrapbag said...

I agree with Beth. He has great taste. Love those fabrics. Thanks again for the improve project. I am soooo enjoying it! It's making me a better quilter.

Sara said...

Of course he is going to pick your favorite, he has great taste and he gets it from mom! Love those fabrics!

Two Dogs and a Quilt said...

Can't wait to see how his quilt comes along. Those fabrics are going to work great together.

Gail :) said...

Jon's quilt is going to be fabulous! I can't wait to see the finished product :)

the Campfollower said...

My daughter always makes a beeline for my favorite fabric too. You son has your good taste. Thanks for featuring my quilt..heck 2 of my quilts! That was a great one to make. Cherrywood sutdio Hand dyes are so nice to work with!


amandajean said...

i'm glad that you asked your son for his input. i'm starting to do that more often...pick the recipient's brain for a pattern, color scheme, etc, BEFORE i make the quilt. even though i love surprises, it's better to know that they are going to love the finished product.

thanks for the link! i have had so much fun going through the project improv flickr pool.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

what a great list of improvisational quilts! I'm still thinking!

sewtakeahike said...

What can you say Jacquie... your son has great taste just like his mom! That's going to be one fabulous quilt!

Quilts by Lisa said...

Don't we love our sons? I know you wanted this to be a surprise, but knowing (rather than hoping) this is a quilt he'll use will be SO heart-warming for you. It seems he has solid ideas of what he likes -- yee ha!

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Of COURSE he would pick the Lush! The hardest fabric to currently find. That would be hard to cut up, but at least you're keeping it in the family, not giving it away to a distant cousin. You can visit the fabric at college. Oh, and your son of course! (just kidding)

Anonymous said...

Quilting inspiration overload, really awesome things going on. You will be showing off your son's quilt I hope with that rare fabric - I'll bet you keep all the scraps and make something with them.