Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Coming Back for a Cause...The Fifth Annual Action Kivu Fundraiser

Action Kivu is an organization close to my heart and that I've supported since I found out about its work from my friend and fellow quilter Alissa Haight Carlton.  For the fifth year, Alissa is holding a fundraiser on her blog to raise money for Action Kivu.  Each year I have shared this event with my readers because I would like all of you to join me, in whatever amount you can, in support of this amazing organization.  Our goal this year is to raise $15,000.  I know we can do it!
If you're new here, the mission of Action Kivu is to "provide the Democratic Republic of Congo's victims of violence the opportunity to rebuild their lives on a foundation of hope, dignity and economic self-sustenance." 

Hope, dignity and economic self sustenance come in the form of a sewing machine and a school book. Our money provides sewing machines and the opportunity to learn skills to make a living to women who have been victimized by unspeakable violence.  What we take for granted will change the lives of women and children in the Congo.  We can change lives.  We have changed lives.  We can continue to help women and children, but we have to give!  Every donation makes a difference.  

The faces of these women say more than I can about the joy and power that comes with making.

In case you need a little motivation to give, I have donated the Radiate quilt to the cause.  For a $100 donation, you'll be in the running to win this quilt.  It's a version of the Supernova quilt and is about 55" by 55".  
It's got some of my signature straight line quilting.
 It would love to come and live with you.  To have a chance, you need to give.  I'd love there to be lots of $100 donations this year to help that thermometer fill in all the way to $15,000.
There are many other prizes for donations that fit any budget.  Please head over to Alissa's blog to check them out , read more about the work of Action Kivu and to give.  Give generously.  Please remember what sewing and quilting have given to you.  This is a good time to pass those joys on to others.  
I'd also appreciate if you would help me spread the word on social media.  Share this fundraiser on facebook, twitter and instagram.  The more we involve, the more money we will raise!  Use these hashtags #akfundraiser, #sewing, #congo, #actionkivu


BarbCarol said...

Good post. I have shared it with my 500 contacts on Facebook and later today I will post it on my blog, Lakeshore Stitches. Hope it helps.

em's scrapbag said...

What a great cause. When you educate and improve the life of a women it has such a powerful effect on the world around her for good.

Elisabeth DeMoo said...

Inspiring work.

purduepam said...

I won the quilt. Thanks for your generous donation. The best part is that more than targeted 15k was raised for a great cause.