Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mighty Lucky Strikes Again!

I'm excited to be a part of the next round of the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club.  The Club has a fantastic set of folks to learn from in 2017.  If you didn't join the club in 2016, head to the Lucky Spool site to learn the details.  Essentially, you'll get one challenge from a different instructor each month in 2017.  You'll have the opportunity to learn and practice all sorts of concepts, skills and techniques that will help you become an even better quilter. The Mighty Lucky Quilt Club costs only $5 per month, or just $50 for a full, one-year membership.  Stay tuned to jacquietps on Instagram for a chance to win a full year subscription to the club.  I'll be announcing that soon or sign up today!

2017 Instructor Team
January - Amy Friend
February - Emily Herrick
March - Jacquie Gering
April - Krista Fleckenstein
May - Emma Jean Jansen
June - Kim Eichler-Messmer
July - Dan Rouse
August - Melissa Aveniros
September - Amy Smart
October - Deborah Moebes
November - Camille Roskelley
December - Stephanie Ruyle


Sandra W said...

Re your new book--Do you use your domestic machine for this walking foot quilting? If so, what brand and model?
I took your course in St. Mary's. I recall that you use a Bernn and I thought it was an older machine.
Thanks for your help.

Sharon Denney Parcel said...

Super excited! I just won a subscription to Lucky Spools...can't wait!