Friday, March 20, 2009

Project Improv - Charity Block Deadline Approaching

I had my mail held while I was out of town for the week. This is the top of the pile. It's high time for a Project Improv update:

213 quilters
246 blocks received from 95 quilters
6 tops completed and being quilted

Thank you everyone! The deadline for the charity blocks is fast approaching. April 1 is only 11 days away. Can you believe how time has flown by? Remember, the project continues for our personal improvisational projects. Check out the flickr group for inspiration. Lot's of great projects have been completed and are in progress.

I started a discussion thread in the Project Improv flickr group on the possibility of auctioning some of the quilts to raise money for charity in addition to direct donation of the quilts. I would love to hear some more opinions on the idea or if any of you have experience with charity auctions I would love you to share your expertise. We have some time to figure this out, but I want it to be the best it can be. So drop over here and put in your two cents.

Here's what was in that stack of mail:
jacquie - 4 blocks (mine wasn't really in the stack, but i have been making blocks!)
michele - binding...thanks so much my friend!
melisaa - 2 blocks
autumn - 1 block
christy - 3 blocks
beth - 3 blocks
robin - 2 blocks
connie - 2 blocks and some great stuff for. thanks connie. (i'm pretty sweet right now!)
pam - 4 blocks
carrie - backing and binding...they're perfect carrie!
kim - 1 block
jackie - 2 blocks and binding...thanks...the binding is all pieced and is so cute!
kathy m - pink backing...and 6 more quilt backs! they're all so beautiful, thank you!
rachel - $20 for are the sweetest!
maggie - 6 blocks
nova - 1 block
heidi - backing, 2 bindings, ribbon yarn, bias tape and a beautiful handmade coffee cup. thanks heidi! the backing is pieced so beautifully. thanks for everything!
michaela - 2 blocks
katy - 1 block
leah (uk) - 2 blocks
bonnie - 2 blocks and money for postage...thanks bonnie, it really helps!
leah (tx) - 4 blocks, money for postage and a darling atc with great advice...create something today!
susie - 1 block
lindsey - 1 block
pat - 1 block
sue - 1 block
regi - 1 block
gretchen - 3 blocks, gorgeous african fabric (which i will keep!) and a great postcard...i've been there too, gretchen!!
millie - 4 blocks
pam - 3 blocks, binding, and wonderful fabrics. thanks so much pam. i love the sparkly ribbon too and the fabrics are fabulous!!! i'm using that zebra print in a pillow for my son.

Please let me know if you don't see yours. I don't want anything getting lost. Thanks!

I thought you might like to see some of the backings and bindings that are ready to go. All quality, beautiful fabric. The backs will be as fab as the fronts of these quilts. These should all have corresponding tops soon. Heidi pieced the pink/orange one third from the top. You can see it here. I think it should be a quilt front. She put a LOT of work into this back. Thanks Heidi!

It was great to have a week WITH my hubby instead of him being alone in Chicago and me in KC. The boys came for a few days too. Family time always refreshes me. I got to meet and spend some time with a blog friend. More on that later! I'm happy to be home and back with my sewing machine. I'm off. Time to unpack, do laundry, clean the house, sew and maybe I'll should pick up some food so we can eat. Have a great weekend!


Marie' said...

Welcome back! I will get mine out to the post office. To me, it is the hardest part. I wonder why.

Alissa said...

Wow that sure is gonna keep you BUSY!! Hope you have a great weekend!

Indigo Blue said...

Mine will bein the post tomorrw. Been working late this week and it should take less than 11 days to get to you. Been blogging about my quilt for the Improv bit but I do not think it is as good as the other examples. mines is a bit tame!

Heidi said...

You are always welcome :) Thanks again for organizing this amazing opportunity for me to grow in my quilting. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I think the idea of auctioning them off rather than donating makes sense. I'm thinking they would bring a nice amount of money and that would give you a lot of flexibility in terms of how to make a contribution-- food, shelter, etc. Whatever is needed most.
I'm awed by the pictures on flikr!

Anonymous said...

You must be pretty good pals with your mailman by now :)

Everything is beautiful! Better than opening up bills.

Leah said...

Wow - what a lot of packets. Glad that mine was in there.

Fabulous contributions by everyone

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Wow - the volume of packages you have beeng getting is amazing! Love the picture of hte bindings and backings all stacked ready to go.

Lurline said...

Amazing - nice to have so much co-operation!
Hugs - Lurline♥

ellen said...

I am so glad that you could have some family time. Nothing beats that.
Have a wonderful weekend and I hope that spring is on its way to you.

Unknown said...

Definitely nice to have time off! I sure could use some right now. Ahhh... but another time! I continue to be amazed at the outpouring of generosity of the blogging community... Fantastic!! The quilts are set to go on the machine this week. Then back to you, my friend!

Lindsey said...

You're amazing for getting this together...I'm so glad to see that you got mine. Can't wait to see the finished pressure please!

Eileen said...

You and everyone have done such a wonderful job on this huge project. The backings are beautiful! You are right.. that one could be a quilt top.

Hope you have a very relaxing weekend.

Tonya Ricucci said...

Holy cow, where did the time go? See all of this together really emphasizes all the hard work you are doing for this. Kudos to you

Unknown said...

THANK YOU for the reminder! I just need to sit down and do it - there's always so many things to get done :)

Glad you had a great week with your "boys" I'm sure you all enjoyed the time together :)

sewtakeahike said...

Jacquie, so glad you got a little refreshment by spending time with your family! Thank-you so much for all the work you are doing with project improv, big hugs to you!!

Joanna said...

How exciting! You have done a fantastic job organizing all of this. Kudos to you, that's for sure!!! I got my block into the mail yesterday. Now I have to get my personal project done! Thanks for the reminder!

Millie said...

Welcome back! You and all the girls are doing a fantastic job!

MightyMom said...

well this is more fun than you ever imagined! terrific stuff

ilovebabyquilts said...

Sorry, i'm late to the party, but are Project Improv and the charity blocks two seperate things? I'm not in on PO but I will make some blocks for charity if you want. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Mine is going in the mail tomorrow! I took a pic of it and will upload it to the flickr group!


Anonymous said...

Jacquie - I loved making the block. Thanks so much for doing this. I just posted about it in my blog. Which is not about quilting really, but it gave me an excuse to tell a story that I wanted to tell anyway. About charity and 'poverty' in Guatemala. And, boy, does the photo ever look great.

Nanette Merrill said...

I got exhausted just from looking at that pile!!!

Amanda Jean said...

i can't imagine all the work you are going through for this project! are you sick of it yet??? it's so fun to see all the blocks, though.