Saturday, March 7, 2009

Project Improv Special Person #1

The Project Improv quilts are coming together. Here are the first 4...two in orange/pink, one in red/aqua and a special one that I'll tell you about. I have 3 blue/green tops stacked and ready to sew. One of my local blog friends, Vicki, is coming over Monday to help with piecing and getting the tops ready to send to Jackie and Pam. Seven quilt tops should be in the first mailing. How exciting is that!!

My plan is that as each colorway reaches 20 blocks I'll put together a quilt top. Right now about 65 out of 206 quilters have sent in their blocks. We have a long way to go, but what a wonderful start.

Each quilt will have a label with the names and locations of all the quilters who have contributed to the quilt. I have done my best to keep everything organized and labeled. If you see any mistakes, please let me know. If you don't see your name, don't fret there are still lots of blocks in my stack.

I'm going to do a series of posts on some special folks that are helping me with Project Improv in a big way. Today I want to share about one of the quilters who has gone above and beyond...but first, the quilts.

Here's Orange/Pink #1. It was made with blocks from these quilters:
Molly Massachusetts
Victoria*2 Pennsylvania
Anina Washington
Rebecca Massachusetts
Caron Minnesota
Carrie New Jersey
Sarah Canada
Carol E Minnesota
Emily Utah
Alissa California
Laura J Canada
Katie Washington
Penny Colorado
Marie Washington
Gail Missouri
Patricia Ohio
Kristin Oregon
Heather Washington
Chen Virginia

Another view...can you find your block?

Orange/Pink Quilt #2 Made from blocks from these quilters:

Caron*4 Minnesota
Frogdancer Australia
Chen*2 Virginia
Emily Utah
Victoria Pennsylvania
Katie Washington
Carol*4 Minnesota
Tina Florida
Robin Florida
Penny Colorado
Kristin Oregon
Edith*2 Massachusetts
Here's another view so you can find your block.
Red/Aqua Quilt #1 Made from blocks from these quilters:

Robin Florida
Kristin Oregon
Chen Virginia
Erica Texas
Doris Iowa
Cheri Illinois
Michele South Carolina
Lisa New York
Jacquie*2 Kansas
Gail Missouri
Alison California
Caron Minnesota
Sherri Nevada
Erika North Dakota
Rebecca Massachusetts
Nicolette Netherlands
Sara New York
Lynn North Carolina
Alissa California

Here's another look...can you see your block?
Another look...
Last, but not least is a special quilt with its own set of colors. It's a combination of blue/green blocks and pink orange blocks that were all made by one quilter. Yes, she made all 20 of these blocks, and this is only half of her contribution to Project Improv. Her name is Bekhy and she made a total of 40 blocks.
Here's a closer look. Bekhy told me that her plan was to use a box of her scraps to make her blocks. She started and sewed and sewed until the box was empty. Her commitment was to use that box for her contribution and even though it made SO many blocks, she sent them all. She did say she was tempted to keep some for herself, but she honored her commitment and packed them up and sent them in. Since the blocks had coordinating fabrics I thought they should stay together and become one quilt. I hope that works for you Bekhy.
Look closely at this block. Bekhy not only made a lot of blocks she put so much time and effort into these blocks. They are intricate and beautiful. My mom always said that the mark of a great seamstress is the interior of a garment. Bekhy is an amazing seamstress. Every seam was beautifully sewn, meticulously pressed and the blocks perfectly square. Each block is unique and a work of art in itself. You will see more of her blocks in the blue/green quilts that are ready to be made and there are more pink/orange blocks that will be put into other quilts.
Bekhy doesn't have a blog, but I'd sure love to see all of you comment and tell her how much her work is appreciated. I can't imagine the time it took to make all of those blocks. Thank you Bekhy and thanks to all of you who have contributed so far. These tops are beautiful. I wish you could see them in person.

Blocks received this week:
Amy L - 2 blocks
Katie Jean - 2 blocks
Belva - 1 block and a gorgeous photo...thanks for bringing a bit of spring to my studio.
Rita - 2 blocks
Dallas - 3 blocks and some fabulous chocolate...just enough to share with my two guys!
Susey - 1 block
Kathy - 2 blocks
Bekhy - 40 blocks and backing fabric. Thanks Bekhy...totally above and beyond the call of duty!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Post #2 on a couple of other special people coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting up pictures of the quilt tops. It's funny how the eye registers the familiar... when the quilt top with my block on it came up... bang! My eye went straight to it.
(Well... not just one eye. I'm sure that both of them were working together. But you know what I mean.)

What a sterling effort, Bekhy. 40 blocks! It took me ages just to do one...

dutchcomfort said...

Wow Jacquie, the quilts are coming together so beautifully!!

I‘m so happy there are some helping hands to assist you! Good luck to all of you! You’re doing a great job!

sewtakeahike said...

Jacquie, they are looking so good! (and yes, I see my blocks! but don't tell anyone!) My white edged block certainly stands out though, I'm a little embarassed! Thank-you to you and everyone taking a part in this project whether small or large. Especially to Bekhy, I'd love to have her on my team anyday!

Alissa said...

WOW! The quilts are looking amazing! They really really look so beautiful! And how impressive that Bekhy did so many pretty blocks! Wonderful. Can't wait to see these beauties when they are finished quilts!

MichelleB said...

Wow! What wonderful quilts have been made out of the blocks that people sent in. Bekhy's blocks are amazing and beautiful. How wonderful that you kept them together. Yeah for her!

Twisted Quilts said...

The quilts are beautiful. I love the randomness of them. As you said each block is a work of art. This has been so much fun. Thanks for all your organization and feedback.

Anonymous said...

Those are all so lovely and beautiful. Great work, ladies!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh, how wonderful and beautiful, each block so very special, wonderful blogland and people who all come together.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What beautiful quilt tops - so bright and cheerful! Bekhi did an awesome job - how wonderful that she turned her scraps into something so lovely.

Vicki said...

Wow, they are all gorgeous! Way to go Bekhi!

Jacquie, I need to bring my sewing machine on Monday, right?

Anonymous said...

Kudos for the superb job......stunning! This speaks volumes of the community of quilters.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Your project is really coming along nicely. The blocks are all so different and yet blend together well. I think I know how Bekhy felt, once on a roll, don't stop. I'm sure it was hard for her to part with them.

Shari said...

It's amazing how all the different blocks work so well together. Just charming and lovely.

Thanks so much for all your hard work Jacqui! And of course to your helpers too.

Special thanks to Bekhy. She sounds like a very special person...


Anonymous said...

All of the quilts are beautiful - lovely and fresh looking and charming. And kudos to Bekhy - what a wonderful and generous effort on her part.

Thanks to all of you for making the world a better place!


Unknown said...

WOW They look so great! I keep watching the flickr pool and love seeing each block - but together they are amazing!!!

Bekhy - Your gift of these amazing blocks is so special!

erica e said...

these look so wonderful! i'm so happy that i've been able to contribute one teeny block to such a cool endeavor. it made me feel very cool to see my block! hooray for bekhy for donating so much time and effort! beautiful quilts.
thanks again, jacquie, for putting this together.

ayumills said...

Everything about this post is amazing, Jacquie! I love how all the beautiful different blocks are now pieced together into 4 quilts! Bekhy's work is extremely inspirational. I can tell it must have taken a long time to create each block. Everything is thought out and came out beautifully. But what I am also impressed with is your niceness to be in charge of such a big project!! I can't thank you enough for all the work you've done and you are going to do for this. I appreciate everyone who's helping you piece them and quilt them too! Thanks so much!!
I have not sent my block yet, but I am going to mail it to you by the deadline. Thanks in advance;)

Darci said...

OHHHH that red and turq one is gorgeous. Those colors really make me smile. I can't believe how many blocks you have received for this project it is amazing!!! I know wish I had joined in.

ellen said...

People sometimes say that miracles never happen any more. I think that this endeavor and dream is a true miracle.
Think of all of the hands that have taken thread to fabric, created such beauty and given of themselves so selflessly.
There is so much beauty and care stitched into these squares from so many people who are so far apart..yet look at the beauty that comes together;an orchestra of intended beauty..all here in such a symphony of loveliness.

Kristin L said...


Candace said...

Wow - these are all gorgeous, Jacquie! So many wonderful fabrics! I can't wait to have more time for this type of project and swaps, etc!

audreypawdrey said...

These tops are gorgeous! I love the variety of fabrics in each one and how they are all so lovely and unique. Thank you so much for taking the time to organize this. There are definitely going to be some lucky recipients out there for these quilts!

Marie' said...

It was so fun to see my block in the quilt. Thank you for the inspiring post.

Anonymous said...

Those are some very amazing blocks. Along with them are very amazing quilters. I wish I could contribute but I'm afraid my quilting skills are not up to par. You are doing a very wonderful thing her Jacquie.

Anonymous said...

My goodness...they're all so beautiful!! Thank you so much Jacquie for make this happened.'

Stephanie D said...

The quilts are looking beautiful--all bright and cheery!

Bekhy, I can't believe you have so many pieces in each block! You must be a very patient woman! Lovely!

Can't wait to see more.

bonnie said...

wow, everyone's block's just looks amazing all together in the quilts. bekhy's blocks are just amazing. she is an inspiration to everyone.

Unknown said...

First, I want to say that you are completely and totally organized! Send some of that organization my way, please. I am thrilled to see such wonderful quilts! I cannot wait to receive them and quilt them up... yay!!! I cannot believe the amount of blocks that Bekhy had sent. Truly amazing and wonderful! The quilts are beautiful and I can't wait to see all of them in person. Have a terrific weekend!

Abby and Stephanie said...

If anyone can keep track of this huge undertaking it's you Jacquie! I'm really enjoying seeing the wonderful blocks and generosity of others. Bekhy your blocks are lovely. What a fabulous box of "scraps" you had.

Anonymous said...

I'm in awe. From an idea, to a post on the internet to this. Absolutely incredible. It's so nice amongst mostly bad news these days to see such goodness and beauty. Thanks everyone for an amazing journey.

Victoria said...

Wow-wee! How incredible to see these blocks all come together, (and how fun to be able to spot my blocks!) The whole thing is just amazing. Bekhy's blocks and the quilt made from her labors of love... so very beautiful. What a generous person. (You rock Bekhy!) Thank you again Jacquie for all of your hard work, (talk about generous). Very inspiring.

Sheree said...

So fabulous!!!

how fun to look for you block!

And Bekhy did such a wonderful job. Her blocks are gorgeous!

Janis said...

You have been so busy! They all look lovely.

erica said...

Wow! These look fabulous!

calicodaisy said...

Wonderful! It's great to see all the blocks together.

Sherri said...

The quilts are stunning! It's great to see the blocks put together. This has been a huge undertaking for you!

Cher said...

wow!!! totally wonderful blocks and resulting quilt tops. I agree-gorgeous work Behky!!!! Jacquie, looks like this project is producing the best quilts anyone would love to have.And, congrats on your upcoming quilt show-way to shine girl

Cheryl Arkison said...

Oh, I wish I lived closer so I could help you put them together - my favourite part of the whole process.
Good on you for keeping Bekhy's blocks together. It all looks gorgeous!

em's scrapbag said...

The quilts are looking lovely. Thanks so much for posting.
Bekhy, you are A-Maze-Za-Zing. Your blocks are beautiful.

Nanette Merrill said...

You are to be commended for this great effort Jacquie. Everything is so lovely. This is just so fabulous.

Anonymous said...

So awesome! Is it ok to pull a photo of the ones that have our blocks and post about it on our own sites?

Mushyhed said...

Wow Bekhy, 40 blocks. That's awesome!! It's great to see some of the blocks put together.

Jodi Nelson said...

The quilts are spectacular! Wonderful and amazing! And yes Bekhy, I'm thinking you need to have a blog! Beautiful quilt blocks! What a great effort from all. ooxx`jodi

kat said...

the quilts look amazing! And Bekhy - how awesome are you? your blocks are beautiful and i think Jacquie did it right by keeping many of them together in a quilt. i'm certainly looking forward to seeing more of these great quilts!

Autumn said...

These are wonderful.....all the blocks look so pretty. Good job, everyone!

Bekhy, you rock.

Keep it up! -Autumn

Laura said...

I followed you here from your Flickr images! Such wonderful quilt tops!!! Love everyone's use of color.

Artfulife said...

They are all so lovely!. How can I join in on the next quilt project?

Kerri said...

wow!! they are beautiful!! can't wait to see them quilted. :)

Katherine said...

Stunning. Amazing. Beautiful.


Anonymous said...

So cool to see a big project like this come together. The red/aqua quilt is my favorite! Wow!

Rebekah said...

these quilts are gorgeous! This is such a fun and generous project that you are organizing!

Jackie Russell said...

WOW! All the blocks are amazing and the quilts tops too! Bekhy you are an inspiration to all of us. I'm going to be putting my two in the mail today.

Anina said...

Wow! It's amazing that blocks from so many different people can make such cohesive quilts!

Anonymous said...

These Improv quilts are GORGEOUS! You are really inspiring Jacquie. I love them. And Bekhy, wow, your blocks are amazing. Well done! x

Yummers! said...

The quilts are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I love color and they are all so colorful and cheerful. Amazing what a bunch of bloggers can do.

Amanda Jean said...

those quilts are gorgeous! and way to go bekhy! wowzers!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word - these are works of art! This has really become something so much more. You are awesome and so is every contributor. I'm putting mine together tomorrow, and then posting it as quickly as possible!

Sharon said...

Wow, the quilts are looking just gorgeous! Everyone's blocks look so good. What great improvisation everyone is doing.

And Bekhy is awesome! What an outstanding contribution! And absolutely stunning blocks! Wish she had a blog - I'd love to see what else she does! Come on, Bekhy! Go for it!