Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Top of the List and a Tutorial

I was visiting a few of the folks who are joining in on the Spring to Finish challenge and I've seen some goal lists. Love that!

This one is at the top of my list, Jon's graduation quilt. Jon asked for minimal, modern and masculine. He chose the fabrics and I gave the challenge to my Common Threads virtual quilting bee buddies. They have made some fabulous blocks for me to work with.

They are each a work of art in themselves, so I decided to frame them and display them like paintings on a gallery wall. The blue and cream are both linen. I have one more row of blocks to add and then more blue linen for the bottom. (I'm still waiting for a few blocks to arrive.)

It's an oversized twin. I've gone as far as I can go on this one until I get more blocks. Due date to finish: May 23rd. I want him to unwrap a finished quilt.

So, want to see one of the prizes for all of you who have accepted the Spring to Finish challenge? Here it is:
14" pillow cover made from Orla Kiely dishtowels

If you'd like to make a pillow like this for yourself, I did a tutorial just for you. Just click here to download the pdf. If you'd like to join in on the challenge, check out this post.

Want to see your block in a quilt top? Instead of loading 30 pictures and 17 sets of names I'm trying something different.

Here is a pdf with a list of all the quilts and their contributors. Download the pdf, then find your name and the quilt's color/number (e.g. red/aqua #3) and head to the Project Improv flickr group and find the pictures for that quilt. You should be able to find your block in the quilts. I uploaded 3 pictures of each quilt. 17 quilt tops: 6 quilted, 11 more in progress and more blocks are still waiting to be made into tops. You can also click on the flickr badge in the sidebar and go to my Project Improv flickr set.

10 more tops are on the way to Jackie and Pam for quilting....the first 6 tops have arrived at my house...all quilted and beautiful. Can't wait to show you...I'm working on pictures. I will tell you all should buy a plane ticket right this very minute and come and visit just so you can see these gorgeous quilts in person. When I unpacked the box, I had to call Jackie right away and tell her thank you. She and Pam did a phenomenal job on these quilts. There are a couple of pictures up on flickr, but they don't come close to the beauty of these quilts in person.

Project Improv arrivals:
Patty MI - 1 block
Michelle B CA - 1 block (the fabric is divine!)
Barbara S TX - 1 block
Erin UT - 1 block
josie NY - 1 block
Solidia IN - 3 blocks
Britt NC - 1 block
Rebecca - 1 block
Annie - 1 block and more fabulous chocolate! thanks!!
Meagan AL - 2 blocks and stamps. thanks for the stamps...postage is adding up and everything helps!
Summer NV - 2 blocks


Amber said...

Wish I could fly over there - we could have a little quilting bee of sewing all the binding on :-)
I love how his quilt is coming along.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Jon's graduation quilt is looking great - you have met his project brief perfectly! I love linen in quilts. Have a wonderful Easter.

Mushyhed said...

Wow! Your son's graduation quilt looks great! I love how you framed each block.

Unknown said...

Jon's Quilt looks fantastic! Nothing like a deadline to get you going. I am sure you will have it complete in no time. I am curious how you did the PDF's with the link. I know how to make a PDF, just don't know how to make it a link. By the way, thanks for all the quilting love!! You are one terrific lady, can't wait to see the rest, I am on "pins and needles" .... LOL!

Suzi said...

Love the grad. quilt too! It is going to be beautiful!

QuiltedSimple said...

Jon's quilt will be beautiful! I love the colors he picked. And the Project Improv quilts are absolutely stunning!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Thanks is going to be one classy quilt for Jon!!!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Wow, his quilt is going to be wonderful, he will flip when he sees it!!

Alissa said...

Oh your son's quilt is going to be so great!! Perfectly simple and modern and masculine and HIP.

Vicki said...

That quilt looks great! I really like the one that looks like it has window sashing through the print.

I'd be happy to try to get together again and help with binding or whatever else you need, just let me know!

Unknown said...

Wish I lived in your neighborhood! I would be there in a flash - once the kids were in bed of course :) Jon's quilt is looking great!

dutchcomfort said...

The graduation quilt is going to be fabulous!!

Thanks for the tutorial!

And thanks for all the quilt-top photos on flickr. Amazing!! I wish I could hop on a plane and come over to you to stitch the bindings!!

shellysquilts said...

J, The quilt for your son is looking good and I can't wait to see it finished. The improv quilts look fantastic! You have done a very good thing! Please pat yourself on the back. You are awesome!

It was fun to find my block. Have a happy Easter!

Amanda Jean said...

your son's quilt is looking wonderful!

i was just reading through your in progress's fun to know i'm not the only one with a back log of quilt tops to be quilted. :)i'm piecing a quilt back or two today.

my brother will be going through KC in a few weeks (I think) and i'm tempted to hitch a ride (if only it were that easy) and come and help you with all those bindings for the charity quilts.

silversmith said...

the quilt looks fantastic so far! i kept waiting to see what you'd do with those fabrics.

love the pillow...i'm working hard each day to complete my april projects. i need to finish things (so i can start more!).

Nanette Merrill said...

Jacquie you make my head spin. I don't know how you keep it together. The pillow is darling. And I'm on a finishing "cross my fingers" hopeful spring!

Doris said...

Seriously, 17 quilts! That is awesome, I can't imagine how you had anything else get done!

Jon's quilt top is looking fabulous!

henny said...

Jon's quilt is awesome!!
i wish I lived nearby to you so I could give you a hand to help.

Oh,'re very amazing lady :)

Bekhy said...

Just took a gander at the Flickr group: the quilted quilt pictures are SO GREAT! I'm so excited looking at them: the quilting is beautiful and makes me jealous :). I can hardly wait to see more.

Not that you need more work: but any possibility that the pictures on flickr could be sorted into folders? One for the project improv tops, one for blocks people made for the tops, and one for the keep at home projects? I want a fast way of drooling over the project improv tops--especially once they are quilted up.

susan said...

that grad. quilt is looking gorgeous!!!!! cant wait to see it finished

Fulvia said...

Your layout makes those fabrics sing!


What a lucky boy, that Jon. A gorgeous quilt. I love your style.
For some fun, come on over and enter my contest.

Victoria said...

Jon's Graduation quilt looks wonderful. What a loving gift it will be!

Also the pillow fabric is fab!

jackie said...

I love your son's quilt!! It is turning out phenomenally, and I can see why you are hanging it up like gallery paintings! I can only imagine what you will accomplish in the month of April!

Cher said...

my blocks will be mailed Monday-lagging late here-but you know why.

Karen said...

Cute, cute pillow and I'm really liking your son's quilt. Happy Easter;)

sewtakeahike said...

Jacquie your son's quilt IS a piece of artwork! I love what the blocks the ladies have made and you are taking it a step further withe the frames. Very cool! I just finished sewing the quilt top together for the knit rose blocks I made, it's very busy, which is perfect for me! However, I hope to get to get to the point where I can plan ahead of time that I might have liked the roses on solids to accent them. I think you kind of have to go exploring to find them in the quilt. Off to shower before church, I hope you have a fabulous Easter!

Sheree said...

Love your son's quilt! So nice!

And wow, you have really cranked through the quilts. Very impressive, Jacquie! If you need more backing fabric, please do let me know. I can fill another large flat rate box.


apple cyder said...

That is one lucky son. I really love how it is turning out! Honestly, I wasn't 100% sure about how I felt about Lush. I did buy some to have, but wasn't convinced. You have convinced me. It is great!