Sunday, November 1, 2009

Joy In The New Year

Ok, so I can't do this alone. It's always better to have a little help from your friends and many of you have emailed and asked for a UFO challenge, so let's do it together. The goal is to have the UFO's that are lurking in your closet, drawers, tubs, cubbies finished by the start of the new year. Wouldn't it be great to start 2010 with an empty closet?

So the 'Joy in the New Year' challenge starts today.

To join in, here's what you need to do. Take an inventory. Count your UFO's as of today. Come back and leave a comment letting me know you're in and how many UFO's you have. It's up to you what you want to count. I'm counting my unfinished tops...not those that are still being pieced. I know they are technically UFO's, but my priority is to get those tops finished.

Of course there will be a prize. I'll make something for the winner. If you'd like to donate a prize, drop me an email. An empty UFO closet is a big deal and we should have lots of gifts to give. Maybe even multiple winners!

Here's how you can win. On January 1, come back and leave a comment on how many of your UFO's you've finished. You get an entry for each one. If you finish all that you counted today, you double your entries. For example, if you have ten UFO's and finish all ten, that's 20 entries. How fun is that?

Now, grab the button and link back to this post. Spread the word and encourage others to join in. Even if you have one finish, that's one UFO done and out of the way!

OK, folks we have two months from today. I know the holiday season is upon us, but we can do this! Let's get started and encourage each other. I'm off to count my UFOs.

EDITED TO ADD: I've had some pretty cool prize donations...I'll announce those in a few days...but trust me...they're GOOD!


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quiltaholic said...

Four down, four to go! Woo Hoo!!

nanann said...

We won't burden this post or my blog with a list of ALL my UFOs because that would just be way too much. I'll instead fess up to my three Christmas UFOs. I really would be thrilled with just finishing 1 of them, but of course all 3 would be awesome!

Crystal Hendrix said...

I swear I posted a response but I can'te find it!!! I was trying to find a count on how many I posted, but lets do it now.

1. My oldes't sons quilt
2. A Simple quilt
3. Amanda Jeans quilt along quilt
4. Wonky Log Cabin Quilt
5. Western string quilt
6. Jenni's quilt
7. Catie's quilt
8. Circle Quilt Along quilt

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I hope it's not too late to jump on with this. :) I have 7 UFOs...and 5 of them are Christmas gifts! ARGHHH!! So thanks for the extra motivation - I need it!

Maeve Binder said...

I have three quilt tops to quilt, two tablerunners to make, and onw art quilt collage w/photo images to work on so I can put it in a frame for a Christmas gift. Here's hoping . . . And I'd love to win this contest! Maeve

Melanie said...

I don't know how I missed your challenge on my reader, but I'm late for the party! I have seven UFO's and less than six weeks to finish them. Thank you for the motivation! I needed this!

1. Rectangle Bobble Bag (crochet)
2. Green Gable Sweater (knitting)
3. Second Cotton Sock (knitting)
4. Mother Bear Project Teddy Bear (knitting)
5. Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt
6. Fresh Cut String Quilt
7. Summertime Nightie (sewing)

StitchSister said...
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Linda said...

I have 4 UFOs that I really need to finish by Christmas, including 2 that are Christmas presents! Thank you for providing this motivation.

Jodi said...

I am going to go with 4 WIP's.

2 quilts to bind
1 quilt that is almost finished being pieced
1 quilt that is only partially cut

The bugger? I need to finish that last one in time to be sent off for a Christmas gift!!

KatesBlog said...

Hello Jacquie - I am relatively new to the blog community and just visited your site - even though I am finding this late in the challenge I still want to jump in - I will post my list this weekend - blessings, Kate

RosaMarĂ­a said...

hi! Jaquie, thanks for do this amazing challenge!!
i have eight UFO's at home... and hope finish them by the new year! hugs!

quiltingbonnie said...

Count me in. I have 5 UFPs.
2 quilt tops to be quilted

1 baby-bar quilt to finish for my grandson, Malcolm

1 'bx n bx' ragged edge quilt (that is in the piecing stage

1 scrappy-quilt(22in blocks) for my adopted soldier

Leslie said...

I have three WIPs. A quilt for my son. One to donate. and The oldest was supposed to be a wedding gift for my sister. She will celebrate her 10th anniversary this month. I would love to give it to her then.

Unknown said...

i have 10 UFO's that i'm counting...what fun to join! I've already started quilting the tops..

Christy said...

This definitely isn't all my UFOs, but I'm going to enter five. I'll be shocked if I get all of them finished, but I'm trying!

driftwood said...

oh my I am so late in joining this, but I can't resist, so I'll just make it 3 to finish (a baby quilt, and 2 little wallhangings) and see if I can managed that. xx

Lynne said...

I'm in(sane), with only a month to go:

- Retirement/Christmas quilt
- Em's Wicked quilt
- Nephew quilt 1
- Nephew quilt 2
- Christmas crazy quilt
- Poinsettia applique quilt

Six. Best of luck, all!

Cheryl Arkison said...

I'm just commenting now, but as of November 1 I had 6 Works in Progress. That is, active, not quite done projects.

Since then I've started more, but they are class samples so I have no need to finish them just yet.

Jody said...

Here I've been working on my UFO's but forgot to leave this post for you. I have had many little UFO's that I've been working on and am happy to say I'm steadily checking them off the list....sewing, quilting and knitting to be exact:)
Count me for 9 on my list....I'll be working hard!

Jody said...

Had a little problem there, here is my blogger name


Patty said...

I'm thinking about the 4 projects I have sitting on my cutting table.

Meg said...

Just posting now as well, happy I got in before it was over!

As of November 1st I had 3 UFOs (a lap quilt, a scrap bag, and a larger quilt for my brother's wedding in June), but now I only have 1 (the wedding quilt, of course)!

I don't have a sewing machine, so I don't forsee my last project getting done. Sadfaces.

Arnden said...

I am now out of town and will not be able to finish anymore projects so I am posting my total. I finished 8 out of 10 projects and the other 2 are almost done and should be finished by mid-January. Thanks for motivating me!

Shanley said...

Ok, my final tally is 10 completed. List is on

Thanks for the challenge.

Anonymous said...

2 (of 12!) to go!!! I am SO glad you did this. It has been awesome. I have to say that it is unlikely that I will complete the last 2 before the new year, however I have to say that I actually completed 15 projects. I was just forced to do some that hadn't made the list...LOL...Again, thanks for doing this!

Rachel said...

OOPS! The anonymous post above is from ME...LOL

Andy said...

Here's my final tally - (not so good, either!) I got 2 out of 8 done. I came close on two more, but close doesn't cut it! Thanks for the challenge and I hope you do it next year!


grendelskin said...

Wow, am I the first one to check in? OK, I blew it: I had four UFOs on my list and I only finished one. I did make loads of new-and-completed projects (gifts) in that period, but at least I did not create any new UFOs!

Crystal Hendrix said...

I was abe to finish all of my projects....8 out of 8. Thanks for the great challenge!

Anina said...

Sadly, I only finished one UFO.

Mette said...

Happy New Year! What a great idea. Honestly, I don't have a lot of UFO's (I think, I finished them in 2009 - a couple of quilts...). My fabric stash is huge! I will try to make more stash projects instead of keep on buying new fabrics. If I do that, I will feel better, when I buy something new. I'm looking forward to see your work in 2010!

Amalie said...

well, I didn't do this challenge with you and found it afterwards, however, I finished 6 wall hangings, 1 quilt, 1 table runner and finished piecing 3 other tops and appliquing during the third week in Dec. It was so wonderful. They were UFO's that had been moved from one house to the next in the last two years. What a great accomplishment it was. Love to hear that others are trying to finish their's as well.

Cialis Generika said...

Can't believe I missed out on that one. Seemed like so much fun. Do you think you will repeat an event like this any other year?

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