Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Quilting Modern" Style!

One of the party goers set her table "Quilting Modern" style! Thanks for joining the party, Carol, and for making such a stunning version of the crazy placemats!

Modern crazy piecing is one of the techniques in the book and is a wonderful way to plow through a bunch of scraps in no time at all.  It's sort of like making your own fabric.

I visited Blair at Wise Craft last night and she said something about the book that I love.  I wonder if you can figure out what she said that struck me as right on?  It might become my new mantra!

The party is still in full swing, so check out the list of co-hosts and take a little time to see all the quilty goodness.  If you feel so inclined, get a copy for yourself!

A Stitch in Dye - Malka Dubrawsky
Film in the Fridge - Ashley Newcomb
Generation Q - Jake Finch
Handmade by Alissa - Alissa Haight Carlton
Happy Zombie - Monica Solorio-Snow
iheartlinen - Rashida Coleman-Hale
Oh Fransson - Elizabeth Hartman
One Shabby Chick - Amber Carrillo
Pink Chalk Studio - Kathy Mack
Quilting is my Therapy - Angela Waters
Red Pepper Quilts - Rita Hodge
Sew Take a Hike - Penny Layman
West Coast Crafty - Susan Beal
Wise Craft  - Blair Stocker


CitricSugar said...

Those turned out great! It's got to be really cool to see people taking the techniques and ideas from your book and coming up with such beautiful stuff!

Britt-Inger said...

I love those placemats. I think I must have that book, as I like modern touches in an old fashioned technic.

Unknown said...

Now that is one great way to set a table. I love it.

Anya said...

I'm guessing it's either " You will have the knowledge to take chances and explore new things once you understand the techniques" or "They are giving the power to the people!" Love it!

Rose E. Glasses said...

Fascinating is the word I think when I see the samples of your book. I loved the tour of your studio and your storage ideas.
Thank you for sharing your creativity!

Bethany (Make Me A Quilt) said...

I love the quilting on these, it really adds an interesting texture to the piece. :)

Melissa said...

Take chances, explore new things! That sounds like something you would embrace,

Katherine said...

From the tour, I've seen just how amazing your book is and the only thing holding me back from buying a copy, RIGHT THIS MINUTE, is the hope I may win one. When the party is over and I don't win - you can bet I'm buying.

From all accounts, Jacquie, you and Katie have every reason to be proud of what you've achieved with your book. I'm so happy for you and want to say thank you for writing such a brilliant, inspiring book!

Helby said...

I LOVE those placemats!

VickiT said...

This is one of the quilt patterns from the book that caught my eye the most. I really love those.

Valerie said...

My guess is the part about the book representing what the modern quilting movement is...really, she said so many lovely things! These summerville placemats are great!

Marcia W. said...

Today (Sunday) I'm checking out the blogs that didn't have a post yet on Saturday.... and yours of course. Thanks for the photo of the placemats.

Margaret said...

Power to the people!

Tamie said...

I'm guessing that you gave us the power- like teaching a person to fish.

Maggie Sz said...

Just finished the blog tour of your Fab book. Thanks for this very inspirational book. Your studio is lovely, thanks for the peek inside.
Cheers, Margit

dottieziegs said...

i enjoyed your party this weekend...can't wait to get your book and try something new for me