Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Good People = Good Business

Many of us would know this logo anywhere and have spent many happy hours perusing and shopping the Pink Chalk shop.  I'm sad and happy at the same time that the Pink Chalk team will no longer be one of my go to online shops.  Kathy Mack, owner, proprietor, mentor and model business woman has decided to change direction and forge a new path.  She explains her decision in this post.
I can't let this moment in time pass by without letting Kathy and her team know what they have meant to me.  I have enjoyed the support, encouragement, terrific customer service, not to mention quality products from the Pink Chalk team. I will miss the small and not so small bundles emblazoned with the Pink Chalk sticker. 

The title of this post is Good People = Good Business and Kathy is the epitome of that statement.   She has taught me and many others how to be a business woman and modeled for us all how to support others as makers.  I have appreciated her generous spirit, vast knowledge and her enthusiastic support of the making community.  

I wish her all the best in her new venture and want her to know that I'll be there, watching, learning and hopefully participating.  You go, girl!


SheriB said...

Thank you for posting this. I would never have discovered the wonderful person behind the company if not for your kind words.

SusieDW said...

I was introduced to Kathy at Pink Chalk Fabrics when I won a $25 gift certificate at your (Jacquie) blog. I've purchased a lot of fabric from them and have enjoyed their GREAT customer service. I will miss doing that business and wish Kathy and crew lots of luck and enjoyment in the new endeavors!

Charlotta said...

Amen! I, too, will miss Pink Chalk - never learned the origin of the name? - and the wonderful fabrics. It was one of the very first small on-line shops I discovered. Best wishes to Kathy.

Anonymous said...

Goodness Jacquie, your words are so beautiful. Thank you. Navigating through the liquidation has been a time for me to reflect on all the amazing relationships and experiences I've had along the Pink Chalk journey. Your friendship is one of those. Lots of Love!!! xoxo Kathy

Beth said...

I actually called and placed an order with Kathy when she announced her liquidation and it was so nice to speak with her and wish Kathy the best on her new journey!