Thursday, August 20, 2015

Action Kivu Fundraiser...Time to Give!

It feels like yesterday that Alissa first told me about the work of Action Kivu in the Congo.  I was impressed from the beginning by this grass roots effort to use sewing to lift women and children who have suffered so much.  Through the work of Action Kivu, making changes lives.  It is time for the 6th Annual Action Kivu fundraiser which will provide funds to continue to support this important work.

I have been so proud of how our community has come together to donate to this organization and I know that this year will be the same.  Please give what you can.  Our goal this year is $15,000.  We can only achieve our goal with your help.

If you'd like to know more about the work of Action Kivu, read more about how the work began and about the women and children who benefit from the dollars we give.

If you need a little motivation, Alissa has put together an amazing group of prizes for all donation levels. These are just some of the great prizes you could win.  I've donated my featherweight...yup...for just $65.00 you could get a lovely vintage machine that will be your sewing partner for a long time.

As sewers and quilters many of us have so much and get so many benefits from sewing and quilting together.  With a donation to this fundraiser we can give women and children the chance to change their lives for the better.  I'm not sure what's better than that.  Please give today.
Please share with your friends and family in person and on instagram, facebook, twitter or any other place you frequent in the virtual world.  The more folks who know, the more money we will raise.  Thanks from me for helping support this great work!

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deadlycraft said...

That is a very generous prize! I am off to donate in that category as i would love a featherweight :) Such a great fundraiser and an awesome charity!