Thursday, February 21, 2019

Learn With Me in Kansas City

Reading a book is fine and an online class can be great, but there is nothing like learning in person!

Join me in Kansas City for a weekend of walking foot quilting. You will learn techniques, practice your skills and fill your quilting design toolbox. I'll begin by reviewing the basics and establishing a firm foundation for expanding and growing your skills with the walking foot.

You'll have plenty of time to apply that knowledge to learn and practice walking foot-friendly designs from simple to complex.  I'll teach strategies for managing large quilts and quilting intricate designs.  Together we'll explore how to analyze quilts to create quilting designs that will support and enhance your piecing.  You'll leave with a toolbox filled with creative quilting options and the knowledge, skills and confidence to quilt your own quilts.

Betsy, my event planner extraordinaire and all around good egg, and I have planned a fun and learning filled weekend.  Come and meet new friends, learn new skills, and let me show you a bit of my home and Kansas City.  

To see the itinerary, get more information and to sign up head to

Hope to see you this spring in KC!

(yeah, I know my name is misspelled on the graphic...glad you noticed too!)


KrisPK said...

Hi Jacquie, I don't see your workshop listed at the hello Voyager link. How can I learn more? It sounds like fun.

Camille said...

Ditto to Kris PK's comment.

jacquie said...

Hi Kris and Camille,
Click the workshops tab on the HelloVoyager site and you'll fine it. If not, drop me an email and I'll be happy to help.

Audrey said...

I just saw it. Just click on workshops and it pops right up. Oh, how I wish I could attend, but a great niece is expecting a baby at that time, and I am the on-call Puppy sitter while they are at the hospital. Have fun! Some day, I WILL be attending one of your events. Big fan here!


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