Monday, March 30, 2009

Project Improv Coming Together

Isn't this a pretty block? It was made by Gabriella from Seattle. Gabriella just got her first sewing machine and decided to use it to make a block for Project Improv. The best thing about this is that Gabriella is just 11 years old. Isn't that the greatest? This is one talented young lady. Don't you just love when the younger generation gets involved in the art of quilting? I'm excited to put her block into one of the quilts. Gabriella, you're on the sidebar and an official participant of Project Improv. You go girl!

A couple more Project Improv quilts for your viewing pleasure. This is red/aqua #2.
I made the quilt from fabric donated by an anonymous donor. Thanks, whoever you are. It turned out to be its own quilt because when I trimmed all the blocks I absentmindedly trimmed them all to 12 inches instead of 12.5. So, I added the dark brown sashing and borders and made it a top all its own.
This is blue/green #3 with blocks from these quilters.
Maggie*2 Iowa
Helen*2 Australia
Jackie*2 Connecticut
Dallas Belgium
Kristin Oregon
Cheryl New York
Rita*2 California
Robin Florida
Amber Hawaii
Ronit*2 Michigan
Laura Florida
Bekhy*4 Oregon

There are 8 more quilts in the construction process. Stay tuned for more reveals each day this week. I also got an email from Jackie this morning that the first quilted tops should be on their way soon. Aren't you just itching to see them? I know I am.

Project Improv arrivals:
Heather T. TX - 2 blocks
Dayna WI - 1 block
Tammy TX - 1 block
Cheryl CT - 2 blocks
Ellen TX - 2 blocks
Karen P CA - 1 block
Audrey CO - 4 blocks
Melody CA - 2 blocks
Andrea UK - 3 blocks (thanks for my button...i'll wear it with pride!)
Nichole IA - 2 blocks and 3 bindings (thanks so much!!)
Tif TX - 1 block
Christy VA - 4 more blocks, thanks!!
Marit Norway - 1 block and chocolate, thanks!
Brita WA - 1 block and more chocolate...very dark and goooood!
Gabriella WA - 1 block
Mary C WA - 2 blocks (arrived awhile still not located) how can i lose a block? arrrrg!

I need everyone to check the sidebar of my blog. If your name has a star by it, your blocks have arrived. no star = no block as of yet. Please check me for accuracy. I want to make sure I'm keeping track. I have a block from a Jennifer, but I don't know which one you are. Help me out, please. If your name is missing, let me know that too.

The April 1st deadline to send your block is fast approaching. I know we have families, jobs, laundry, pets, and all sorts of other commitments, so if you're going to be late, don't fret, just let me know. It will help me plan for the quilts to come. It's going to take time to get all the blocks into quilts so time is on your side. It sure would be nice to see stars by all those names on the sidebar. I know we can do it!

Have a great week everyone! I'm going to get by to visit blogs this week...I really am....

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Selvedge Apprentice

This is a story of a quilter who admires from afar...another seamstress...a queen. The Selvedge Queen as I call her. She calls herself the creative selvedge freak woman. She's probably closer to accurate. She creates with abandon....fabulous, almost miraculous projects from her house filled with selvedges. I imagine her in her sewing room surrounded by waist deep piles of selvedges, barely able to move from her cutting mat to the sewing machine. I drop by often to marvel at her skill, her creativity and her wild and uproarious sense of humor. Thanks to her I'm often grinning from ear to ear with my morning coffee. You may know her as Jodie, the woman behind RicRac. I've done a few little things with selvedges. Thanks to Jodie I started saving those little snippets of color and text. Little by little my bucket filled. I wondered what I might make from that bucket of jewels?

When I found out about my gallery show this summer I knew I wanted to make something special for the show. Then Ashley, one of my Block Party virtual quilting bee friends asked us to make spiderweb blocks for her turn. I was pretty apprehensive about know, paper piecing. Ick! But, I did it and I really enjoyed this one. No lines to follow. I like that. So, what about a spiderweb quilt with selvedges? Maybe that was the project I was looking for. So, I made one section, then another and now I have this.

I used the templates from Bonnie at Quiltville and adapted her directions to make it work for selvedges. The center kites are a kona cotton called iced frappe. It's a very light aqua...icy is a good description. I think I like it as the centers. I'm varying how much fabric is visible on the selvedges. I like to show the fabric...I want the quilt to be colorful and interesting.

I've learned that selvedges can be deceiving. What looks like it could wrap around the world, as soon as you start trimming and sewing disappears in a blink of an eye. We shall see how big I can make this baby.

Jodie, I bow to your selvedge greatness.

your humble apprentice

I was also able to put my circle experiments into a quilt top. I'm not totally satisfied with it, but I do think it's funky and bold and might make a nice baby quilt. I think quilting might make this come alive. I learned a bunch about piecing circles, though and I hope to put that to good use in another quilt for the show.

Project Improv
Arriving this week:
cacilie - switzerland 3 blocks
jackie b - 1 block (so many goodies, i'm spoiled! chocolate, a go cup coffee sleeve (beautiful) the sweetest origami mobile and even cash to help with postage. thanks my friend!)
lisa t - mi 3 blocks (thanks for swapping fabric with me...yours is on the way!)
debbie w - va 2 blocks, backing fabric (thanks for the sachets...they're in use already!)
gail n - mi 3 blocks and fabric (thanks! your fabric will combine nicely with debbie's to make a back!)
ayumi - ca 1 block and my first piece of japanese fabric...thanks so much!
paige - il 1 block
allie - ut 3 blocks
marie - wa 5 MORE blocks (thanks so much!!)
shelly - tx 1 block and 2 spools of thread. (they match boxes on my scrap quilt...gues where they are going?)
deb k - mi 2 blocks and money for postage

thanks so much folks. your generosity is heart warming.

project improv quilt tops are on the sewing agenda for the weekend. we're supposed to get the mother of all spring snow long as i don't lose power, it could be a VERY productive weekend. Let's hope so!

Oh, there's a flickr badge in my sidebar that takes you to the set in my flickr photostream with all the Project Improv quilt tops. A quick way to see all the tops that are completed so far.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Future Is Bright...

Lime, turquoise, red, hot pink, orange plus.....
minty green...
school bus yellow...
pale pink...
sky blue...put them all together, mix them up a bit and you get...
this. (No name...I'm blank on this one!)
I know now why I was in a funk about this quilt. It was too bright, even for me. Adding the pastel panels calmed it down a bit. The scraps draw you in to look closer. I like that.
It's still bright...
I may need to wear sunglasses when I snuggle under this one. Fine with me.

Project Improv blocks received
cheryl j - 2 blocks...received awhile ago...found again!
barb - 2 blocks and chocolate (i had to do an extra workout...definitely worth it!)
krista - 1 block
j martinez - 1 block (can you leave a comment and tell me your first name...i can't find you)
trish - 2 blocks
sarah f - 3 blocks
aimee - 2 blocks (thanks for the'll go right to postage. it's much appreciated.)

Monday, March 23, 2009

All Over The Place

I had trouble focusing this weekend, at least in the studio. I did work outside most of the weekend, raking leaves, uncovering plants, trimming bushes and mulching beds. It's a bunch of work doing all the townhomes (6 of them), but no one else takes care of the yard, so I do it. I will say it looks great.
A couple of geese were added to my flock. At this rate I'll finish sometime in 2011.
I added a pink panel for this quilt. Maybe I'll try to finish more of these today.
I sorted and bundled my scrap packs for Penny's 'Scraps to Treasure' swap. Nine of us are swapping scraps and we have to use them ALL in a project by next October. Doesn't that sound like fun! I got them all ready to go, and no envelopes to be had.
Aren't these cute? These were all in a pretty bundle when Kate gave them to me. (I had to unroll them to fit them in my little bag...I travel light!) Kate, of Kate Kwiltz, and I got together when I was in Chicago last week. She met me downtown and we stopped and got cupcakes at Sugar Bliss (to die for!) and had a lovely lunch and conversation. I felt like we were old friends. We talked about everything and shared our love of quilting and fabric. Kate brought her batik quilt to show me. Oh my goodness, it was gorgeous. The picture on her blog doesn't come close to showing the beauty of this quilt. Kate has gone out of her way to help me and my hubby. She's shared her knowledge of the city that has helped my hubby so much. He eats better because of Kate. She's also helped us get to know places to go and enjoy the city together. I can't thank her enough. It was great, Kate, let's be sure to do it again!

I'm hoping to find my focus and finish some things this week. Wish me luck!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Project Improv - Charity Block Deadline Approaching

I had my mail held while I was out of town for the week. This is the top of the pile. It's high time for a Project Improv update:

213 quilters
246 blocks received from 95 quilters
6 tops completed and being quilted

Thank you everyone! The deadline for the charity blocks is fast approaching. April 1 is only 11 days away. Can you believe how time has flown by? Remember, the project continues for our personal improvisational projects. Check out the flickr group for inspiration. Lot's of great projects have been completed and are in progress.

I started a discussion thread in the Project Improv flickr group on the possibility of auctioning some of the quilts to raise money for charity in addition to direct donation of the quilts. I would love to hear some more opinions on the idea or if any of you have experience with charity auctions I would love you to share your expertise. We have some time to figure this out, but I want it to be the best it can be. So drop over here and put in your two cents.

Here's what was in that stack of mail:
jacquie - 4 blocks (mine wasn't really in the stack, but i have been making blocks!)
michele - binding...thanks so much my friend!
melisaa - 2 blocks
autumn - 1 block
christy - 3 blocks
beth - 3 blocks
robin - 2 blocks
connie - 2 blocks and some great stuff for. thanks connie. (i'm pretty sweet right now!)
pam - 4 blocks
carrie - backing and binding...they're perfect carrie!
kim - 1 block
jackie - 2 blocks and binding...thanks...the binding is all pieced and is so cute!
kathy m - pink backing...and 6 more quilt backs! they're all so beautiful, thank you!
rachel - $20 for are the sweetest!
maggie - 6 blocks
nova - 1 block
heidi - backing, 2 bindings, ribbon yarn, bias tape and a beautiful handmade coffee cup. thanks heidi! the backing is pieced so beautifully. thanks for everything!
michaela - 2 blocks
katy - 1 block
leah (uk) - 2 blocks
bonnie - 2 blocks and money for postage...thanks bonnie, it really helps!
leah (tx) - 4 blocks, money for postage and a darling atc with great advice...create something today!
susie - 1 block
lindsey - 1 block
pat - 1 block
sue - 1 block
regi - 1 block
gretchen - 3 blocks, gorgeous african fabric (which i will keep!) and a great postcard...i've been there too, gretchen!!
millie - 4 blocks
pam - 3 blocks, binding, and wonderful fabrics. thanks so much pam. i love the sparkly ribbon too and the fabrics are fabulous!!! i'm using that zebra print in a pillow for my son.

Please let me know if you don't see yours. I don't want anything getting lost. Thanks!

I thought you might like to see some of the backings and bindings that are ready to go. All quality, beautiful fabric. The backs will be as fab as the fronts of these quilts. These should all have corresponding tops soon. Heidi pieced the pink/orange one third from the top. You can see it here. I think it should be a quilt front. She put a LOT of work into this back. Thanks Heidi!

It was great to have a week WITH my hubby instead of him being alone in Chicago and me in KC. The boys came for a few days too. Family time always refreshes me. I got to meet and spend some time with a blog friend. More on that later! I'm happy to be home and back with my sewing machine. I'm off. Time to unpack, do laundry, clean the house, sew and maybe I'll should pick up some food so we can eat. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The reason I joined my first virtual quilting bee as well as the subsequent ones was to stretch myself. It's an opportunity to use fabrics that I wouldn't normally choose and to work within someone else's vision. Before I took off for spring break I wanted to finish all of my bee commitments. I came close. First is Lynn's for Common Threads. Lynn gave us carte blanche with her fabrics. She did suggest mini quilts within a block and that's where I took the blocks.
I've never done a whirlygiggle without background fabric. I loved playing with the placement of the fabrics and I really like how the whirlygiggles spin off the edges.
I also did a mini stacked coins for Lynn. Again, it was fun to place her fabrics and play a bit with sizes of the coins. Thanks Lynn. This is going to be one great quilt.
Over the last few weeks I've been playing with piecing circles and arcs and pushing myself into the realm of curved piecing. Just in time too, because Kristen, in my Block Party bee, challenged us to solve her quilty math problem. You can see her challenge here. I drafted a pattern for this oval...I went ahead and added a border to make it into something, though it was simply a first draft from scraps. I do really love this oval block and it's definitely going to be a quilt in the near future.
This is my first solution to Kristen's challenge. I'm not sure if I'm satisfied with how it works. Very different fabrics for me, but I enjoyed giving it my all. Her second block is still on my sewing table half way there. I'm glad I have a second try. It's been a long process, but this is the kind of push I love. Thanks Kristen.

I'm sure I'll have a GIANT stack of blocks in the mail when I get home, so if you've send anything for project improv and haven't seen it posted here...don't fret. I'll be back on Friday!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm a Fan

Of Orla I changed these...
to these.
I've made 4 pillows so far from Orla Kiely dishtowels I finally found at Target. (whoever hid them behind the ugly black towels...shame!) I have leftovers too...I'm sure you'll see these pop up somewhere else. Kind of changes the whole look of the room, don't you think?
I'm a fan of Lisa and Sarah too. You might know them as A Spoonful of Sugar, the mother and daughter team. They were my Time for Tea swap partners. Honestly, it was like they knew me for years. The towel and apron are perfect for me, for my kitchen. I wish you could see that apron a bit's spectacular...perfectly made and so practical and beautiful too.
Look at all my fabulous goodies. Look closely, yes, that says 'tub tea.' I love a bath and Sarah had the idea to make these lavender filled tea bags for my bath. Let me tell you that is one creative girl! And I will say they are a hit! See my name....being a girl who gets her name spelled incorrectly ALL the time, it means so much that they made me an ATC with MY name! I'm using it on my studio door so everyone who enters knows it's my room. Lisa made me a gorgeous tea wallet so I can have my tea wherever I go. It's traveling with me this week. Little cute tea cup buttons...I have to think of a special use for those. A keychain that goes with me every trip. Maybe I won't lose my keys any more. Probably not. And lastly, lots of tea...all sorts of new flavors to try. I'm thrilled. In my eyes, a perfect match. I'm a fan. If you go for a visit, you will be too.
This was a fabulous swap, organized and managed by Stephanie of Loft Creations. Stephanie invited us and did such a great job (at least for me) pairing up the partners. From what I've seen on other blogs this was swapnificent! Great job Steph! Look what Stephanie sent to all of us...our own personal tea house. It has a little pocket on the other side to hold a tea bag. Thanks know I'm a fan!
Last but definitely not least I'm a fan of Susan of Chickenfoot. Susan made this adorable pin cushion for me after I placed in her 'most embarrassing story' contest on her blog. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say the major players were me, a skunk, my dog and a red faced hunter. Some nudity was involved. Thanks Susan. As you can see it is well used.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Geese in the Forest

Geese are finally arriving in my forest. These are my first blocks for Anina's Geese in the Forest BOM. I'm not usually a BOM kind of gal, but her quilt design is so great, I couldn't resist. And it's paper pieced too. I'm not a fan of that either, but again, the quilt is so cool. I'm about a month behind...I have February done...25 more of the March blocks yet to do. Finally decided on pink and orange.
I have lots to choose from for this quilt. I can't wait to see it come together. Another reason I don't like BOM' patience.
This is my block for Jessica's month of the Sew Connected Virtual Quilting Bee. She sent beautiful sheets and the orange linen. I added the bit of white to make my idea work. This was a fun block to design. I have two more virtual bee blocks to work on. Then my commitments are finished and I can concentrate on other things. I don't like to have commitments weighing on to sew some more.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Special People #2 Backing Me Up!

And then there were 6...

I couple of posts ago I put out a call for some help with backings and bindings for the Project Improv Charity quilts. Many of you have offered sewing help and if we all lived in the same neighborhood it would be so much easier to drop off a set of blocks at your house or have you all over for a giant binding session. It's harder when we're spread across the country and the world. Postage is pretty prohibitive for sending blocks and quilts back and forth and back and forth, but that doesn't mean I'm not getting any help. I sure am. First, all the comments and the moral support mean more than you know. It motivates me to tackle the sewing, so thanks.

Kathy Mack, you all know Kathy of Pink Chalk Studio and Pink Chalk Fabrics. Kathy is not only a participant, she's also one of those folks who've got my back. When she signed up for the project she let me know right away that she could help with backing and binding the quilts and for me to contact her when it was time. I did, and did she ever come through. Kathy has committed 10 sets of backs and bindings for the quilts, but not just the fabric, she's making them for me. Can you believe that, with her busy schedule (I'm assuming that, Kathy, but I'll bet it's true!) The first backs arrived this weekend. I can't tell you how much time this has saved me, not to mention how beautiful they are and how they will enhance the quilts. Thank you Kathy. If Pink Chalk isn't a site you visit, you should go now. Kathy is an sewing expert, pattern designer and a pretty savvy business woman. I've learned so much from her, even about a great margarita!

Can you feel me standing up straighter? There's another great lady that is supporting me and this project in a big way. It's Jane of JanesFabrics. Jane is another fabric shop owner that responded to my call for help. Jane emailed and said she had fabric that she could donate for quilt backs. I said great, but I never expected this HUGE box to arrive packed, stuffed, jammed with fabric. Jane is most the generous person. Not only has she helped me, she's put together sets of fabric to support the black and white quilt challenge and she has a great store with wonderful fabric. I just got a set of red reproduction fabrics from her. She picked them for me...simply perfect. I think in real life Jane might be Samantha from Bewitched. Those fabrics were at my house before I could blink my eyes. Did you just twitch your nose and zap them to me, Jane? Totally perfect, fast service. Jane has a new little grandbaby too...congrats Grandma Jane!!

Please think about what you might do to say thanks to these gals...hmmm, buy fabric maybe? A quick thank you would be great too.

My son was over for a little while on Monday (for food), when the mailman came with his armload for me. My son commented, "more quilt stuff." As we sat at the table I opened envelopes one by one. And then I came to Peg's. Peg, of Ivy Arts, not only sent two great blocks, but a quilt back, beautifully sewed and a rolled binding to match. There was a beautiful card with 20 dollars tucked inside. For postage, she wrote. She and her friend Becca have been so generous and supportive. My son probably said it best. After I opened Peg's envelope he said, "there are some really nice people in the world." Isn't that the truth. Peg's not the only one either...Katiejean added a piece of fabric in her package to use for a back and after cruising the flickr group I saw the gorgeous back that Heidi has pieced. Thanks Heidi, I can't wait to see it in person! Ronit also sent backing fabric and Katie P sent fabric that was perfect for binding.

I don't know how many quilts will be the final product of Project Improv. I've already put together more than my original estimate and quilters are still joining in. I will keep making tops as long as the blocks come in. My commitment to all of you is that whatever you send this way will make it into a quilt.

I know that was a lot of reading, so how about some eye candy. Two more tops have been completed. Here they are with their contributors. (I'll try to take some better pictures and put them on sun around here!)
Blue/Green Quilt #1
Annie Illinois
Maggie Iowa
Bekhy*3 Oregon
Gail Missouri
Chelsea Washington
Kathy Maine
Betty Ninja New Hampshire
Linda Ohio
Jackie Connecticut
Leslie Wyoming
Janis Illinois
Anina Washington
Tess United Kingdom
Ronit Michigan
Heather Washington
Rebecca Massachusetts
Peg Massachusetts
Dallas Belgium

Blue Green Quilt #2
Julie Mississippi
Mary Washington
Jackie Connecticut
Peg Massachusetts
Alissa California
Linda* 2 Ohio
Bekhy*2 Oregon
Helen*2 Australia
Kathy Maine
Cheryl New York
Amber Hawaii
Caron Minnesota
Sarah Canada
Tia Australia
Kristin Oregon
Maggie Iowa
Vicki Kansas

The third blue/green top is in progress and I think I have enough blocks for one more pink/orange top. I have a couple more backs to piece and these will be off to Jackie and Pam for quilting.
More blocks have arrived this week...yippee! Keep them coming folks!
Nancy 2 blocks (thanks for the moonflower seeds and the notepads! it's just about planting time here.)
Jody 1 block
Diana 2 blocks
Jennifer 1 block
Julie O 1 block
Kathy 2 blocks
Amy L 2 blocks
Katiejean 2 blocks
Peg 3 blocks, backing, binding and 20 dollars....thanks Peg!

If you don't see me on the blog for a bit, I'll be sewing. I have loads of things I need to get done and work on around here. Stephanie and Susan, please forgive me for not doing a proper thank you for the wonderful gifts I received from you. I promise I'll get some pictures taken. I really will! I told myself to answer these last comments and then turn OFF the computer. Hold down the fort for me!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Project Improv Special Person #1

The Project Improv quilts are coming together. Here are the first 4...two in orange/pink, one in red/aqua and a special one that I'll tell you about. I have 3 blue/green tops stacked and ready to sew. One of my local blog friends, Vicki, is coming over Monday to help with piecing and getting the tops ready to send to Jackie and Pam. Seven quilt tops should be in the first mailing. How exciting is that!!

My plan is that as each colorway reaches 20 blocks I'll put together a quilt top. Right now about 65 out of 206 quilters have sent in their blocks. We have a long way to go, but what a wonderful start.

Each quilt will have a label with the names and locations of all the quilters who have contributed to the quilt. I have done my best to keep everything organized and labeled. If you see any mistakes, please let me know. If you don't see your name, don't fret there are still lots of blocks in my stack.

I'm going to do a series of posts on some special folks that are helping me with Project Improv in a big way. Today I want to share about one of the quilters who has gone above and beyond...but first, the quilts.

Here's Orange/Pink #1. It was made with blocks from these quilters:
Molly Massachusetts
Victoria*2 Pennsylvania
Anina Washington
Rebecca Massachusetts
Caron Minnesota
Carrie New Jersey
Sarah Canada
Carol E Minnesota
Emily Utah
Alissa California
Laura J Canada
Katie Washington
Penny Colorado
Marie Washington
Gail Missouri
Patricia Ohio
Kristin Oregon
Heather Washington
Chen Virginia

Another view...can you find your block?

Orange/Pink Quilt #2 Made from blocks from these quilters:

Caron*4 Minnesota
Frogdancer Australia
Chen*2 Virginia
Emily Utah
Victoria Pennsylvania
Katie Washington
Carol*4 Minnesota
Tina Florida
Robin Florida
Penny Colorado
Kristin Oregon
Edith*2 Massachusetts
Here's another view so you can find your block.
Red/Aqua Quilt #1 Made from blocks from these quilters:

Robin Florida
Kristin Oregon
Chen Virginia
Erica Texas
Doris Iowa
Cheri Illinois
Michele South Carolina
Lisa New York
Jacquie*2 Kansas
Gail Missouri
Alison California
Caron Minnesota
Sherri Nevada
Erika North Dakota
Rebecca Massachusetts
Nicolette Netherlands
Sara New York
Lynn North Carolina
Alissa California

Here's another look...can you see your block?
Another look...
Last, but not least is a special quilt with its own set of colors. It's a combination of blue/green blocks and pink orange blocks that were all made by one quilter. Yes, she made all 20 of these blocks, and this is only half of her contribution to Project Improv. Her name is Bekhy and she made a total of 40 blocks.
Here's a closer look. Bekhy told me that her plan was to use a box of her scraps to make her blocks. She started and sewed and sewed until the box was empty. Her commitment was to use that box for her contribution and even though it made SO many blocks, she sent them all. She did say she was tempted to keep some for herself, but she honored her commitment and packed them up and sent them in. Since the blocks had coordinating fabrics I thought they should stay together and become one quilt. I hope that works for you Bekhy.
Look closely at this block. Bekhy not only made a lot of blocks she put so much time and effort into these blocks. They are intricate and beautiful. My mom always said that the mark of a great seamstress is the interior of a garment. Bekhy is an amazing seamstress. Every seam was beautifully sewn, meticulously pressed and the blocks perfectly square. Each block is unique and a work of art in itself. You will see more of her blocks in the blue/green quilts that are ready to be made and there are more pink/orange blocks that will be put into other quilts.
Bekhy doesn't have a blog, but I'd sure love to see all of you comment and tell her how much her work is appreciated. I can't imagine the time it took to make all of those blocks. Thank you Bekhy and thanks to all of you who have contributed so far. These tops are beautiful. I wish you could see them in person.

Blocks received this week:
Amy L - 2 blocks
Katie Jean - 2 blocks
Belva - 1 block and a gorgeous photo...thanks for bringing a bit of spring to my studio.
Rita - 2 blocks
Dallas - 3 blocks and some fabulous chocolate...just enough to share with my two guys!
Susey - 1 block
Kathy - 2 blocks
Bekhy - 40 blocks and backing fabric. Thanks Bekhy...totally above and beyond the call of duty!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Post #2 on a couple of other special people coming soon.