Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thanks and On to Better Things

First of all, I'm not sure how to say thanks for all the supportive comments, positive thoughts and prayers. Kris and so many others reminded me that hard times help us relate to and understand the struggles of others and also make us stronger. You are truly my online friends. Thank you.

So instead of dwelling on myself..I'm so over that...let's get on to cheerier and better things. Someone in the local school district who is spearheading a project donating quilts to KU Med Center pediatric unit found out that I'm a quilter and she asked if I would like to help. How can you say no to that! So, I looked at the stash and pulled out some fabric to make some quilts to donate. I like these combos...cheery and fun.

Something kids might like. I think I'll use some of the patterns from the Atkinson's Happy Hour pattern book. They are easy and quick, but look cute too. By the way if anyone else might be interested in donating a quilt or two, it's a great cause and I'd be happy to be the delivery person. Just email me and we'll make arrangements. I'm going to try to get all the cutting done so I can sew the tops this weekend.
Oh, and here's a quick update to the piano saga. (You have to read this post to see where and how the piano adventure began!) As you may remember, the last place you saw the piano was laying on its side in the back of my car. Well, it remained in that position for 4 days. Yes, 4 days driving around town with a piano in the back of the car. I'm surprised some curious policeman didn't stop me for questioning. It took 5 of us to remove said item from the car. Thank goodness the direction was down and not up. Not only was it heavy, but terribly awkward. Picture two adults and 3 teenagers. Kind of like Laurel and Hardy meet the 3 Stooges. There it is hanging half way off of the back of the car and the 5 of us are debating the next move. You would think that conversation would have happened before we slid it out. No, not us. After what seemed like an endless debate, the piano ended up upright and sitting in the middle of the garage. Then of course, my overoptimistic husband said, "I think we can get it upstairs." One of my assistant movers chimed in that he and his brothers had moved a piano at their house and it almost slid back on them. I nixed any more thoughts, notions, or ideas of moving that piano one more inch. No one was was going to risk life and limb even for a piano.
The poor piano lingered in the garage for weeks. I finally bit the bullet and hired a piano mover. I had to call a different guy. The first guy I called was the one I told that I had a piano in the back of my car. I think he thought at first that I was a crank caller...based on the silence on the phone...and then he asked, "How did it get there." That conversation ended quickly.
Yesterday, two HUGE guys showed up with a big truck, a piano dolly, lots of ramps and some big thick straps. First they tried to move it up the basement steps. Oops, ceiling was too low. I asked the biggest guy (bigger seems to be higher seniority in piano mover guys) what was next. He said they'd bring it around the front and try the front entrance. It's amazing how big piano mover guys can fit into itty bitty spaces when they have to. Maybe they're expandable...kind of like that rubber man super hero. Well, these guys were definitely my heroes. They got that piano up the steps around a tiny corner and into my living room. I was totally in awe. The piano was safe and they looked no worse for the experience except a tiny bit of sweat!
So for now, my baby has a home. Someday she'll get some reconditioning and tuning and we'll be making sweet music together!


QuiltedSimple said...

Hi Jacquie - so glad you are doing well!!! I'd love to donate a quilt - I'd be happy to ship it to you (priority) and have you send it on - what size, etc. does it need to be???

Hugs and Take care,

bettyninja said...

The piano sagas are hilarious! I love all the color ways you showed with the fabric. The first one is my favorite.

Purple and Paisley said...
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Purple and Paisley said...

sorry - i messed up my first comment...i was so relieved to see a new post on your blog...i've been worried about you...for what it's worth, after my divorce from my first husband years ago, i had two little boys to support and we were in a terrible position financially and emotionally...almost ended up on the street...but we overcame and you will, too...good girl for throwing the list away...we only hurt ourselves when we hang on to bad things...p.s. working on wonky log cabin...=)...gonna post some pics soon...

country mouse said...

Glad to hear things are looking up :cD The fabrics you chose for the children's quilts are wonderful! Glad to hear the piano is finally resting safe and sound inside too.

Deb said...

I have to ask...what kind of car do you have that would haul a piano of that magnitude? haha! Yes, I'm new at blogging :) Love the stashes you have for the charity can't go wrong with sock monkey fabric!

Deb said...

Thank you! Ok, quick question about the whole comments having a no reply email...I've searched all the settings (and help sections)and can't for the life of me figure out how to change it. Do you know how? Thank you for the help! A letter to Honda with a picture if you have it would be hillarious! Kind of like those Rubbermaid totes that survived fire stories. :)

Laurie said...

LOL at the piano saga! And i'd love to donate to the KU Med project but what size do they need to be? Let me know.

Stephanie D said...

I guess there's a reason piano moving is a honest-to-goodness, phone-book-listed job, huh? lol
Glad that little hurdle is gone.

Can't wait to see what you do with the blues. I don't know that I would have seen the connection if they were on my shelves, but I like them together!

tess said...

love the piano story!

Amanda Jean said...

can't wait to see what you come up with using those pretty piles of fabric. by the way, how is your quilt along quilt coming???

Thriftin and Craftin said...

Hey Jacquie-

Thanks for all the kind words about my first big quilt. They are much appreciated. Onto the next one now!

I laughed out loud about the conversation with the first piano guy. Cracks me up!

I just left a comment on your not-so-happy post, and I thought of a poem that I've kept in my Bible since I was a little girl. I read it to my kids when times are tough, and it always gives us comfort.

First off, I'm glad that you wrote down your list, because you've got to get it out, but now that you've thrown it away, and want to turn a corner, I thought you might like this. I may put it on my fridge, because it helps me too. Anyway here goes, I hope it gives you some comfort. If you only knew how much I needed to follow this poem when I had the job I mentioned in the other post! LOL! Have a great day!


The Heart

The heart is a garden where thought flowers grow, where the thoughts that we think are the seeds that we sow.

Every kind and loving thought bears a kind and loving deed, while the thought that is selfish is just like a weed.

We must watch what we think each moment all day, and pull out the weed thoughts and throw them away.

And plant loving seed thoughts so thick in a row that there will not be any room for weed thoughts to grow.

-author unknown

Thriftin and Craftin said...

You're welcome Jacquie-

That little poem has gotten me through some tough times. I'm a "word nerd" so I'm very touched by poems, and verses that "speak to me." It will get better, and I did say a prayer for you. Big Hug!

Lisa said...

Glad to see your spirits up today. I mean how can a piano story not!!! Too funny!!!
I love the monkey and dotted fabric!!!!

Rose said...

First of all, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment...I had your blog in my favorite places before the computer problems...I know I am missing some still, but yours is one less now. And some of my links from my sidebar on my blog is missing...still need to add a bunch to that.

I may not comment everyday but I read it every day...though not when I had the computer problems...I am sorry you have been having financial problems. I hope things settle down for you.

I like your fabric choices...not sure which I like best. they are all good....

susan said...

im glad it is in the house now.we almost got a "free" piano once too!!

Kate said...

Such pretty piles of fabric and such a great idea to donate little quilts.

A Peppermint Penguin said...

Hello! I'm reading your whole blog from the beginning. I do that sort of thing.

Anyway... just wanted to ask if you know the song "Right Said Fred" by Bernard Cribbins? If you've never heard it re your piano saga, you should look it up, it'll give you a laugh.